The Final Stretch

The four quietly opened the door to the radio room. Looking out, they took stock of how many were out there. "There's too many out there." Rick growled. "Too dangerous." Katie nodded in agreement, but Suzi shook her head. "They're pretty spread out. We can run by them." "But someone might need to stay behind as a sniper." "There's a way around that." Suzi said. " Two watching front, two watching back." Rick grinned. "I love this plan!" "Cut the sarcasm." Katie said. "Sorry." They eased out into the corridor. Firing their weapons, they cleared a small path and began their run. One zombie came behind Rick , and he quickly did a stone cold stunner, taking the ghoul's head off. "Ick." Rick felt the bile rise in his throat. "I ain't doing that again." "Ninty Yards!" Katie shouted. "We're gonna make it!" Rick was the first to the door. He threw it open, only to be jumped by fifteen zombies. Huge pieces of flesh were ripped from him, as he screamed. He hit one off of him, only to have more attack. "Choke on em." Rick punched one in the mouth, blood spraying everywhere. One bit him in the throat, and pulled his vocal cords out. Rick's eyes went wide in pain, and he passed out. The last thing Suzi, Chris and Katie saw before he was completely covered by zombies was Rick's upraised middle finger. A zombie bit it off, and chewed enthusiastically. They got to the main area, and ran down the steps. "What the fu..?" Soldiers were manning gun batteries all around the entryways. "Rocky?" Rocky smiled. "I got them to watch you. Just in case those creeps followed in." He escorted the three to the bunker door. "You're well stocked, and can hole up here for months if need be. We also got you guys a working radio." They walked downstairs where they were greeted by the remnants of the Alt'rs. Katie sat, and sighed, a tear coming down her eye. "Anything I can help with?" The voice was gentle, and soothing. "I'm just bummed." Katie said, still sobbing. "All this death and destruction. Khayman's dead, and so is Rick. It's my fault. I should have stopped this." Michelle gave her a hug. "We all make decisions in our lives, Katie. If you hadn't blown up that satellite, we would have had more deaths. You've done outstanding work here today." Katie smiled. "So what's next." "Well you know i've been thinking about that." Michelle said. "You wanted to have an alt get together and have a party. Go over to the section with curtains." Katie got up, and went over to the curtains. Just as she got there, the curtains opened up, revealing a long line of food, and freinds. Tears running down her face, she picked up a glass of drink. "I want to propose a toast." Everyone raised their glasses high. "I want to wish Godspeed to those that didn't make it. Let's not ever forget them." Smile ran rampant. "to our freinds, God speed."

The figure walked around, seemingly drunk, not knowing what was happening around him. He was dishevled, hair not right, blood covering his body. With a moan, he uprighted himself, and began walking to who knows where, his missing middle finger evident in the light of the rising sun. But that is for another time, and another story.

The End

Writer's note: I may come up with a bunch of music (from soundtracks
and the like) to make a soundtrack to this. Keep looking for it!