Shift into Red Turbo!
Chris Dunn woke up with a start at County General Hospital. He had been up forever, trying to help out the paitents coming in by the droves with what appeared to be mysterious bites on the arms and other parts of the body. He was in the penthouse area of the hospital, a restaraunt for the doctors that had to be there for long lengths of time. He was hiding up here, since Zombies were already overrunning the lower levels. He knew that they didn't know how to use the elevators, so for now he was safe. He looked at his watch. Almost time to join the chopper that was coming to take him to alt-mmpr, which was like a bunker almost. Chris got up, and began to walk out of his office. As he walked down the hall, a set of eyes watched quietly and without sight.
The Final Snapping of Pictures
Captn_Eclipse sat and worked on his new snaps from Beast Wars, trying to shut out the sounds of the TV. Ever since his car broke down, and telephone services got cut, he had been trying to get the house ready for the impending attack. Then came banging on the door....strange sounds, since Eclipse didn't recall knowing zombies could knock . "Damnit Eclipse , open this friggin door!" "Tiger?" The Captn ran to the door and pulled the boards down. It was White Tiger, with Zxena, and Rap. "You coming? We're going to alt." Not even looking back, the four took off running to the car. Just as Eclipse was about to get in, hands snatched him, dragged him away from the car. Tiger jumped out, with his shotgun, and tried to aim at the struggling going on only ten feet from them. The Zombie took a big chunk out of Eclipse's shoulder, just as Tiger blasted grey matter out of the corpse. The Captn fell to the ground screaming as blood jetted out from his torn body. "Dont." he mumbled, beginning to lose conciousness. "Don't leave me like this." Tiger looked down at the Captn. He aimed at Eclipse's head as he nodded. "Do it." Tears were running down Tiger's face. "I forgive you." When the gunshot's subsided, Rap, Tiger and Zxena drove on. Page 3