Expedition to the Juice Bar
"Chris, Rick, WT." Rap beckoned. "I have a job for you guys." "What's up?" Rap sighed. "We lost contact with the Juice Bar about an hour ago. Thought it might have been phone lines, but i'm seriously having my doubts. I was wondering if you gents would love to go see." Rick smiled. "Sounds like fun."
"My god. This looks like a warzone." Khayman breathed. The Juice Bar was in ruins, with gun blasts in the walls, glasses broken, and dead bodies around. "Keep your guns ready." Rick growled. A figure came walking from the back room. All three Alt'rs gasped in recognition as the figure hit the light. "Brent!" Brent didn't say nothing as he tore into WT's throat and ripped a huge chunk of it from him. Tiger fell, blood gurgling from him, as the zombified Brent chewed enthusiasticlly. Chris and Rick backed off in horror. More forms were coming into the room now, smelling the death that had enveloped Tiger. Rick moaned. "Jewel, Phil...Anycool...those bastards got to them." As he tried to move forward to confront his freinds, Chris stopped him. "No. They're dead..we gotta get moving!" Rick choked back a sob as they headed for the side exit. Like a virus, the zombies encircled them, multiplying. "They're gaining" Rick nodded, his throat dry, fear clutching at him. Chris leveled Anycool with a kick to the head. "I'll hold them off. Rick, run, one of us has to get back to alt!" "You're full of crap too. We all go home or no one goes home!" Rick pumped his shotgun, dropping three zombies. They began running towards the base. A hand reached up out of nowhere and grabbed Chris by the arm. Captn_Eclipse, all torn up, bit the Space Ranger leader. "DAMN!" Rick screamed. He jumped on top of Capt and began wailing away at him, the butt of his gun hitting the zombie several times in the face. Cap finally sat still, dead again. Rick ran over to Chris, who was holding his arm. "I ain't gonna..make it." Chris had tears coming down his face. "Hold on to me bro." Rick said. "You ain't gonna go no place but back to the base." "No.." Chris coughed blood up. "Zombie bite..means..I'm one of them. Get back to alt. Tell Katie I died a hero." Scooping Chris up, Rick started dragging him to the base. "Tell her that yourself." Page 6