Caring for a Hero
"We have an injury! Get Michelle here!" Rick got Khayman on a stretcher. Katie walked up, and saw the bleeding ranger on the cot. Her screams racked the walls. She laid her head on his chest, crying. "Hon. Are you ok?" Chris smiled. "They bit me." "How long before?" Rick asked Michelle. "We're lucky. Apparently Rick bringing him back as soon as he did will give him a chance." She brought a shot of morphine. "This should ease your pain."
Alt under Seige
"Sun's dropping." Rovang told Rap. This was bad as the worst Zombie attacks were in the evening hours. "If you see too many out there, go up to the roof and shoot some. Otherwise, stay inside." Rap pointed to GreenRanger. "Get the bunkers ready just in case we have to retreat. Kittie, Robert, go get some food and meds down there just in case." She looked at Rick's knee. "Can you hold out?" Rick grinned. "No problem. Brace is holding up fine." "We have a problem..." Lynn pointed outside. Zombies were beginning to multiply in numbers. Rovang groaned. "At this rate, Alt's boarding and fences will be compromised in an hour." "This is bad, then." Rick growled. "Let's get this hour put to good use then."

An hour later...