Survive Alt, Survive!

     Rick, Khayman, Donna, Katie and Rovang ran
 towards the hideout as fast as they could. "We're
 almost there!" Rick screamed. He fumbled with the
 keys to the door. Katie was tripping out. "Cmon,
 cmon, get the friggin door, they're coming!"
        "Don't get your panties in a wad." Rick
 finally got the key and inserted into the lock.
 It opened with a clunk and they ran into the
 main hallway of the hideout. Katie stifled a
 scream. "Oh my God." Khayman's eyes widened. The
 hideout had been overrun too. Mangled bodies stood,
 and turned to them an looked. "Suzi, no." She was
 amongst the walking dead. Snarling, she lead the
 others in a slow chase after the five alt members.
      "Let's go..I think i know where a boat is."
 They began the mad dash towards freedom, while the
 zombies continued on their way. They got outside into
 the open, bright sunlight burning everyone's eyes.
 They got to the dock with seconds to spare. Katie was
 the first into the boat, dashing up to the control
 room. She flung open the door as hands reached out to
 grab her. She screamed as she was pulled inside and
 the door slamming shut.

Nightmares Into Dreams

        Katie sat up with a squeak. Disoriented, she
  looked around to find herself in a medical center.
  Michelle Meyers and Kristen were hard at work wrapping
  up other paitents, while Rick and Khayman sat at a
  table with cups of coffee.
       "What happened?" Katie asked drowsily. Khayman
   knelt in front of her and held her hands. "You got
   a little freaked when we opened the door. You passed
   right out and have been out for hours."
        "Isn't everyone history?" she asked silently.
     "Nope. Only the ones caught in the hallways. Every
     one of the alters that made it to the shelter is
     fine and dandy."
     Kristen walked up. "I just got word on the radio
   that the national guard has really contained the
   situation. We're about a month away from bad chats ,
   channel takeovers, and outdoor barbeques."
        Rick laughed. "That's a relief." and everyone
    joined in a celebration that had started up. He
    quickly joined DrMM, Donna, Khayman, Katie, and
    the others in finally taking a breather from the hell
    that had enveloped alt the past few months and years,
    knowing everything was still safe and well.

The End