Please Tell me I'm Dreaming

Rick sat up with a start. He was drenched in sweat, little beads running down his face. He was sure he had been attacked, but he could find no bite marks. Amanda sat down next to him, and brushed back a lock of his hair. "You ok?" She asked with concern on her face. "I just had a nightmare about the zombies..them pulling me down, and eating...goooodd...I don't know if I can take this much longer." She smiled. Rick had been a great fighter, but the stress was taking it's toll. She reached out, hugging him, laying his head on her shoulder while he wept.

Doctor Rovang...Er Frankenstein

"Damnit!" Rovang shouted, frustrated. Alt mmpr's resident genius had been holed up in a lab, trying to figure out ways to take zombies down without having to risk people having to go up and shoot them. "Samples go to shit again?" Katie asked. She and Khayman had entered the room, hearing the table go flying across the room. "Yeah." Rovang sighed. "I almost had it locked down too." He looked up, glasses sliding down slightly. "You two seem to be having fun." Katie looked at Khayman lovingly. "Ever since he saved me, we've been inseperable." He looked back down at her. "And I plan on making it that way." she finished. "Feeling ok?" Rovang asked. "I could use a hand...if it doesn't make you too queasy." Both Katie and Khayman turned green. Rovang giggled. "I guess that's a negative."

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