"That was extremely messy." Anycool said, talking bout Sonya. "When we found her, she was already gone, and I ain't gonna talk about what condition she was in." "Where's Tiger?" Rap asked. "He's been in the bathroom the whole time since we got back. Poor guy, I thought nothing would shake him up." Rick replied.

Dreams into Nightmares

Katie was back at Nasada, but she didn't know how. The command center was dark and deserted, with alarms going off. She checked the scanners. "Damnit!" she exclaimed, seeing the comet enter the atmosphere. "I have to stop this." The elevator doors opened. Katie acknowleged them without a glance back. "Good to see you, if you can get to console A, and ..." She stopped short when she saw the visitor. He was Chris Khayman Lee, but not the one she knew. Flaps of skin hung off of him and as he walked into the light, his grey skin highlighted his dead eyes. She backpedaled, avoiding the monster in front of her. Chris's Power Ranger suit was ripped, only adding to the horror of a noble character corrupted by the zombies. "Chris, don't do this." Katie pleaded, tears coming down her face. "Please?" He advanced further, limping down the stairway, dead eyes focusing on nothing but seeing everything. "Chris, I love you! Don't do this!" He was on her now. Clamping her into a crushing hug, he smiled, "I love you too." just before tearing into her throat. Katie sat up with a scream. She shivered in the dark room, tears coming down her face. Looking across the room, the nightmare still fresh in her memory, she saw a figure sitting in a chair. Silently, wordlessly he got up, and walked over to her. He was in a red Power Ranger suit and the sight freaked her out. The figure knelt into the light. "C'mere." Chris said. "It was only a nightmare. I'm here." He gave her a hug. "Better?" Katie smiled. "Better."

Flight of the Firebird.

Rick sat in his outside patio next to his trailer. He had practically built it from scratch, proud as hell he had his own place instead of the bunker rooms. They had seemed too much like jail cells to him, so he remembered a mobile home hidden in the caverns. It was comfortable to him, as he didn't have to worry about cable or TV. He had more than enough laserdisks and tapes to keep him busy, as well as writing on his word processor. He heard a knock at the front door of his trailer, and that worried him. Not too many people ventured out where he was for a simple visit. He got up, walked inside and picked up his .45 longslide. He went to the door and looked through the eyehole. He broke into a big grin and opened the door. "Donna!" He gave her a hug. "Come on in!" Donna smiled and stepped to one side. "I'm not alone, Rick, this is Teri, your daughter." "My...." Rick's eyes widened. "Daughter." He smiled and reached out a hand. "Incredible." She walked up to him and gave him a hug. "My mom's told me so much about you." Donna blushed at the revelation. "I'm proud we have finally met." They walked inside, to catch up on a lifetime of memories never had.

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