Time to Run....The Zombies have arrived

"This is an activation of the emergency broadcast system. This is not a test. Please stand by." Rick frowned at the activation, but went ahead and brought it up on the board at the radio station he was working at. "This is an emergency notification." the voice blared. "At the sound of the tone, stay tuned for a announcement for the whole listening area." The tone seemed deafening. "at 1:23pm , we have recieved word that a chemical spill has leaked into a graveyard, causing the recently buried dead to come back to life, and to seek victims." Rick pretty much tuned the rest out. His mind was racing at one million miles an hour. Ever since alt-mmpr broke up, there was no more places to hide that was worth a damn. The radio broadcaster continued. "We just have recieved reports. They're in the city. They've just broken into the building, they'.." Screams. Rick jumped out of his seat and opened the door to his control room. Twelve zombies turned, looked at him and hissed. "Aw shit, I knew Howard shouldn't have bought out that station." He picked up his bag, a kitana blade attached to it. "Knew this would come in handy." unsheathing it, he charged out the door, slicing body parts from the control room to the newsroom. Turning right at the corridor, he headed for the parking garage. Zombie were swarming at the side entrance as he went downstairs, threating to knock down the glass. Just as he got to the door at the bottom of the stairs, he did hear it shatter. Breaking into a full sprint, Rick got to his car and jumped in. In one swift motion, he got the gate to open as he started the car. Revving the engine, Rick sped off, not caring what he hit on the way out, off to safety. He knew where to go. There was an old farmhouse nearby. It was tall, white, and had a cellar. Rick's cellphone buzzed. "Hello." He recognized the caller instantly. "Katie. Knew you'd call. Where are you at?" "I'm on your bumper!" she replied. Rick turned and saw a red Bronco on his bumper. Katie was inside, with Khayman driving. "Yo, tell your boyfreind to back his car off...I can't push mine any faster." "Then tell us where your going and how to get there." Katie replied. "We'll pick up some of the old alters and meet you there." Rick quickly told her where he was heading.

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