The Farmhouse

Eric sat and growled at the television. The reports were still coming in, basically a stream of zombie talk. Static-Pulse sat in a chair behind him, watching as well. "You think that the others will find us?" Eric snorted. "Hell no. City's been overrun. Alt was one of the first areas hit." He sighed at the television. "We may be the last of a dying breed." The celluar phone rang and it made the men jump. It hadn't rang in almost a week before the world went to hell. "Hello?" Eric was shaky on the phone as he picked up. "Eric!" It was Rick on the line. "You boarded up over there?" Eric nodded, forgetting he was on a telephone. "Yeah." he finally said. "Good, cause your gonna get company, and I ain't talking zombies. Alt's headed over there." Eric's jaw dropped. "We don't have enough room!" Rick snarled into the celluar. "Make some. This isn't a social call." Eric hung up the phone and began to move furniture. "Who was that? " Static asked. "Company."


Eric pulled the boards down off of the door, hearing the truck pull up. He looked out, seeing Rick get out of his car, and Katie with Khayman in tow following close. They hit the front porch, watching the mindless creatures beginning to come into view. "Woah, no." Static freaked. "I knew it, I knew it, we're all gonna die." Rick pushed him aside, shooting two in the head. "We are if your gonna stand here, Let's get the boards up." Hammers pounding echoed across the house. Lynn yelled up from the cellar. "Can't you knock a little lower?" The sounds had woke her and Kristen up. She rubbed her eyes and sat up. Yawning, she walked across the room to wash her face in the basin. The water cooled her off, and she wiped her face with a towel. Lynn turned back to Kristen and sighed. "I thought this was over five years ago?" Kristen nodded. "I thought it was too. But when my house got overridden, and my parents were killed, it was time to run." She wiped a tear. "No one needed to die like my parents did." The two women jumped at the sound of scratching at the walls. It had been cemented in, but the zombies were still trying to find a way in. "Think they'll get in?" Lynn asked. "I hope not." Kristen frowned.

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