"It's no problem, the helicopter is about five miles away. If some of us were able to run past the zombies, we could fly that bad boy out of here and somewhere safe, like an island." "Yeah, but the problem is." Rick never got to finish his sentence. The CB radio came to life, screaming curses into the air. Rick frowned and joined everybody at the antique. ".....Hey....We..ust...wanna..join" Katie groaned. "Oh hell." Rick nodded. "It's the hackers again and I'll be dollars to peso's that they were the ones that stole our gas." "...We wanna ...see that wonder..ful wannabe leader." the CB intoned. "his daughter.. was just so eatable when the zombies were done." Rick was stone faced, but his skin tone belied his emotions. He was not too happy. "If you won't come out cause we ask... then look out the window." Khayman pulled back the blind and turned his head. A Ford four by four was sitting at the fence, with men holding off zombies, while a person was struggling on top of the truck, tied down like a deer. The leader pulled out a megaphone. "Hey, heroboy!" Giggles erupted from his men. "Come rescue your daughter!" "My ....Teri?" Rick was shaking. Rovang put an arm on his shoulder. "No..Don't do it." Rick turned and snarled at Joe. "If you had a daughter you'd do it too!" He shook Joe. "Well? Would you?" Joe lowered his head and nodded. "Yes." Rick began putting on the suit that Rovang had made for the five alters, snapping the helmet shut with a click. The suited Rick yanked down a board and ran outside. The others boarded the door back up and sighed. Amanda sighed. "Good luck, Rick." Rick looked around. The woods were quiet along with the yards but he stil felt eyes on him. The pickup's lights flashed on, blinding him. A man began walking slowly and calmly to him, smiling a wide grin. "Guys, see what I see?" Rovang was almost jumping up and down. "They're cutting the fence. If that happens, there's gonna be a million of those things around." Khayman started tossing weapons to the others. "Then let's take them out." They began running out the doors, but Katie stopped Khayman. She kissed him, passionatly, and smiled. "For luck." They ran out to meet their fate.

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