At the HeliPad

"Get in!" The truck had screeched to a stop, and the regulars got out and ran for the chopper. Opening the doors, they jumped in, and Amanda tried starting the engine. "Damnit!" she screamed, seeing zombies literally in a run to the chopper, "I can't get the engine to turn over!" She kept hitting the ignition, even to the point when the zombies were banging on the doors. "Cmon, Cmon!" she was panicing. She banged her head on the console. The Rotors on the bird came to life, and the zombies standing within reach of the blades were cut down where they stood. The copter lifted off, and Amanda smiled with relief. "Where to?" She asked. "Thataway." Khayman said, pointing to the distant horizon. "Anywhere away from what we've been through." Amanda gunned the motor, and the regulars went to their destiny, far away from the hell that had engulfed them for over five years.

The End