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The zombie staggered across the road, torn, hungry, lookingfor his next meal. With a moan, he walked over to where a few kids were playing. They were skipping rope, laughing, being innocent. The drool began to flow across the dead man's lips as he began to stalk them. One of the kids saw him and screamed which only seemed to excite the zombie. The kid ran into the ball swim section of the playground, trying to hide. He was successful, but his freind wasn't. Sickening crunches echoed over the playground. A shotgun blast echoed, and the zombie toppled forward. Khayman growled. "Damn. He got Kristen's kid. She's not gonna be happy about this." Rick surveyed the carnage. "I think i'm gonna be sick." Khayman put a hand on Rick's back. "I know how it goes. We've been at this for years and it still sucks everytime we see one."

Notifying the Mother
The two walked into the house where Kristen had settled. "Kristen?" She quickly walked down the stairs and gave Chris a small peck for hello. "How goes it?" She smiled at the two. Khayman quickly motioned her to a chair. Rick stood outside, cigarette in hand, waiting. He shook his head sadly hearing Kristen's screams of anguish. Putting out the cigarette, he walked in the house. She was still sitting on the couch, sobbing, when he approached. Sitting next to her and without a word, he put Kristen's head on his shoulder and let her cry it out. "We're here for you hon." Rick soothed. "Let it out." He motioned over to Chris, who quickly got some tissues and a drink. He held the drink in front of Kristen. "Here. This will help you feel better."

A few hours later , the two men pulled the bed sheets up over her. "Good. She's sleeping now." Chris sighed. "I thought this was all over with but I guess we both were wrong." Rick nodded in agreement as Chris added. "We got to find the others. We were strong togther and we can do it again." Flicking his lighter, Rick tried to light another cigarette but Khayman grabbed it from him. "Damn dude, this stuff will kill you." Rick sighed. "Like I have any reason to live?" Chris shook his head. "Like death's better?"

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