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The Lair
"Damn them." was all the shadowy figure could say. Reports had come in that zombie after zombie had been eradicated by the five ghoul killers. "Diablo, get over here." The lacky came at Dr. Maxamillian's call. "Those people have done it again. Espically that jerk Khayman . Ever since he turned me away at the studios no one wants to have me around."

"You want I should smoke their sorry asses?" Diablo said. Dr. Max only shook his head no. "My dear Diablo, your desire to hurt people I can appreciate, but violence in the ninty's is such an immature game. Descecration of the mind is so much more in fashion."The two laughed. "Go kill Katie. She will make an excellent zombie queen. Just make sure the other four watch helplessly as you do."

Death of a Friend
"Who the hell is calling at this hour?" Katie asked, frowning at the phone. Chris was frowning too, knowing it was an unlisted number with only the other three knowing it and they were in bed. He cautiously picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello, Mr. Space Ranger." the computer enhanced voice intoned. "Where is your lovely girlfreind tonight? Is she ready to die?"  Chris began to get angry "Who the hell is this? " He looked out the window. The zombies were getting agitated and crazy. Hanging up the phone Chris handed the reciever to Katie. "Call the others. This isn't looking good." She picked up the phone and placed the call. As she spoke to Rick , Chris ran to the top of the building with his shotgun. Quickly firing, he blew a few away, only to see someone in the distance that didn't quite look like a zombie.

"Katie!" Chris shouted. "Have you.." The shotgun blast tore into his shoulder, knocking him off his feet. He sunk to his knees, blood gushing from the hole in his shoulder. "Damnit." he coughed.

Katie quickly opened the door, hearing the knock. "Hello laaadie!" Diablo smiled with a toothy grin, holding up the bowie knife. "Stay away from me." Katie hissed. "Or what." Diablo said. "Your boyfreind is shot dead on the roof. I'm afraid he'll miss your slicing. It's just gonna rock!

She tried to sidestep Diablo, but the knife was too fast for her. He caught her from behind, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. Katie felt the cold steel dive into her shoulder. The blade scraped bone as she struggled not to scream in anguish. She turned over just as Diablo grabbed her by the neck and slammed her head down on the floor. Blanking out from pain, her final thought echoed in her head just as the knife plunged again. Chris, save yourself.....

Chris broke the door down, only to see the room covered in blood. Panicking, he looked around and saw the slumped over form of Katie. Dear God, let her be alive he thought. Kneeling in front of her, he cradled her in his arms. She coughed once, and opened her eyes. Seeing him brought a smile to her face. "Chris.." she moaned, blood gurgling at her lips. He put a finger to her lips, shushing her. "Stay still. " Chris said quietly. "We can get you to DrMM and fix you up." Katie motioned no. "It's ok. I'm comfortable dying knowing I've had the best friend and companion a woman could ever have. " She held on to his hand as tears came to her eyes. "I just...don't want to end up like them. Promise me you won't let me become one Chris." He nodded, unable to speak. "Stay the caring and wonderful man you are. I love ...you.." The final breath escaped her like a wraith freed from it's prison. Chris held her close as he began to cry. The tears never ceased even when Rick and Donna got there.

As they comforted the actor, figures once again came up from the shadows. They picked up Katie's body and snuck off. "Dr. Maximillian will be most pleased."

"Ahhh..Perfect." Dr. Maximillian said smiling. The lackies had placed Katie on a table, while strapping her down. "This is exciting." Diablo laughed. Max only threw a brick at him, knocking Diablo down. "Fool! This is not for your perversity! This is for those wanna be Rangers to deal with. She will be a zombie, and she will take Red Ranger down, and his puny friends with him." He motioned at another table. "Besides, resurrecting Teri was so much fun, I had to do it again." Diablo smiled at his leader. "You de man." Max laughed. "I'm the man!"

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