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Missing in Action
"Where the hell could she have disappeared to?" Chris growled. "She was dead, in my arms, and not moving." He paced back and forth in the old hotel, taking a whack at the wall. "Chill out, we'll find her." Rick said. "Donna and I have been concerned too. And who was that clown that shot you? Technially, no one is alive here but us."

Chris sighed and sat down on a chair. "I gotta break straight with you about who shot me.  Remember that loony that visited the set? The one who eventually was barred from the sets due to spreading rumors?" Rick and Donna nodded. "We soon found out he had been doing work in a home lab ever since getting kicked out about 7 or so years ago and he had stumbled across this formula." His eyes sparkled. "When you spread this solution on the skin of the dead, it became alive again!"

"But how did it get on the satellite?" Donna asked pointedly.

"It got there because Katie's launch crew was paid to. They confiscated all the drums and put it into the satellite. When it exploded after the self destruct had been activated, the crap in it posioned the air. The damn air eventually made rain and brought whole cemetaries to life!"

"So she's at fault about this?" 

"No. She was doing what she was employed to do. Hascom Inc. didn't do their job when it came to telling her exactly what it was. They soon disbanded after the accident tho. Dr. Maximillan was the one who caused all this and I'll bet my three lives after this one he's behind it."

"What are they going to do?" Rick asked.

"Make her into one of them." Chris sighed. "We can't let her be defiled like that. She was too good a human being to let that happen."


"Ahhh my little Katie, so young, so pure...so dead." Max quipped, looking at the body of the fallen woman. She was wrapped in a sheet, face uncovered, skin already beginning to show the start of rigor mortis. "Let's liven her up, shall we?" Walking to a lever, he pulled it and the table began to lower into a vat. Max watched with intrigue as the face went under the bubbling liquid and began to work it's magic. The solution began to enter her pores, her ears, throat and instantly began to change her. Her eyes opened and she sat up with a splish. "Ohmygodmygod." Max stood in the background and watched while the girl panicked. "I can't ...i can't breathe!"

Max applauded. "Of course not, my zombie princess, your dead!"

"Dead?" The words came out like a judgement from the neathermost hell.

"Of course you are my elaborate specimen! You are the latest achievement of my revenge on you and your star studded freinds!" Max laughed. "You will be taking a big hearty bite out of Chris Khayman Lee, your beloved Red Ranger!"

"In your dreams!" Katie got up, but her legs were still weak. She crumpled to the floor almost instantly. "Damn you. You won't win." Katie said weakly.

"Oh but I will my dear. Just you wait and see!" Katie passed out with Max's laughter echoing in her twisting brain.


"Uh oh." Chris said, breathing heavily at the sounds of scratching at the door. Flipping open the peephole, he saw Diablo with a shotgun aiming at the door. Chris luckily dove for cover just as the door exploded.

"Rick! Donna!" he shouted. "Let's rumble. " 

Zombie's swarmed into the house and surrounded the crew on all sides. Rick picked up a saber and swung at the first ghoul. It struck it in the neck, taking it's head right at the shoulder. "No shampoo for you." Rick smirked.

Donna took a nastier route. She led two into the kitchen, and began to batter then with pots and pans. Head, midsection , thigh. "Ooooh yeah, ooooh yeah. " Then with a loud bang, she slammed the biggest pot upside the zombie's head. "Uh oh. I think I need a beeger box." She quickly ran back to help the others.

Chris had already run the rest off, and was brushing himself when Rick and Donna got back. "Work hard? Rick asked. Chris only blew it off. "Nahh. Too easy." They laughed as they set to work reboarding the door.

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