" Titanic was called the ship of dreams, and
it was...it really was...."

Alt gathering.. "I'm sure this boat's safe." Rick giggled at Amanda, who was turning a neonish shade of green. She was at the Southhampton harbor, not really relishing the thought of her first trip on the open seas. Glaring at Rick, Amanda punched him in the gut, as he straightend up. "Ow!" He exclaimed. "What was that for?" "I don't think Titanic II is a good idea. Just look what happened to the first one back in 1912." She shuddered at the thought as she looked at the ship. An impressive five city blocks, the ship towered over everything. "But that was 1912. Even if this ship could sink , and it could, there have been many technoligical advances since then!" Amanda was terse. "If that helps you sleep tonight." Deep in the Atlantic..... "That ship should go to the bottom of the ocean!" Divatox screamed, looking at the Titanic through her periscope. "There's got to be some way to send those Power Pukes back in time to seal their fate." "I have an idea my liege." Porto smiled. "I have modified the torpedos to an amplification wave that will send the rangers and the crew back through a temporal flux." "What???" Divatox had no clue what was just said. "The amplifiction wave will open a time hole!" "I don't know what he just said, but it sounds good ta me!" Elgar snickered. Divatox smiled. "Send a creature down to distract them." Hours later, on the Titanic: Rick sat at the edge of the ship, looking at the ocean that surrounded them. The cool breeze and the lapping of the water was relaxing, and he sat back and sipped his tea. Amanda walked up, and smiled. "Everyone's on board." "Very good." "Very good? What's wrong?" Rick sighed. "It's all nice and good but I have the wierdest feeling Divatox will attack...just to piss us off." Brent patted Rick on the back and watched him nearly jump overboard. "Nervous?" Rick shook his head. "Don't be." Brent smiled. He took a deep breath of fresh air in, and exhaled slowly. "It's too great a day for worrying about Divatoxy." Amanda turned to see a shape materialize on the deck. It was about 7 feet tall, big eyes, and a captain's hat. "Ahoy, me rangers!" Rick snapped out of his chair. "What do you want!" "The name's LongJohn, me hearty, and my desires is ta send you to Davy Jones Locker!" Amanda raised an eyebrow. "God...and I thought we were gonna have some relaxing!" Rick smiled. Tonight was gonna suck big time."Guess not. Transform!" They snapped out their Power Morphers. Performing the swift hand movements needed, they yelled out the very essence of their being. "Blue Ranger Power!" "Pink Ranger Power!" "Red Ranger Power!" The hard battle armor of their power suits formed around them. Shouting with an intensity they had never seen before, the Rangers rushed Longjohn and began their fight. (Rock and Roll, Super Power) Are you ready? Time to, Make your move come and get me.... you'll fall, that will prove. and you think your gonna knock us out and you know what youre all about I say you better just look out cause we're coming for you... today.... Come' on and let's rock and roll it's time to rock and roll come on , let's rock and roll everybody, rock and roll Amanda looked up into the sky , seeing a flash of light. "Rick! look up !" Missles were heading straight for the ship! "Power Cannon Now!" the three rangers held the heavy weapon up, and fired at the incoming missles. The blast missed them as they streaked down , hitting sections of the ship. Explosions rocked the Titanic II from bow to stern , sending up smoke and debris everywhere. The Alt Rangers flew all over the place. Later: The smoke finally cleared, and the Rangers looked around. The ship apparently had not been damaged, but there was some strange stuff. The deck chairs had changed, as well as some of the other things they had seen while boarding. "We got to go warn the others." Rick said, heading for the cabins. He passed a window, and looked in. Everyone was in period costumes for the day of the first Titanic! "Oh my god." Brent said. "This can't be." "Amanda, look." He pointed Joe Rovang and Anycool , standing like English aristocrats in the Grand Staircase area. "Oh my God" she gasped. "we're back on the original ship...what are we gonna do?" "I don't know, but we have to save our friends." He took off his helmet. "let's get back to our cabin." The First Class StateRooms.... "Lucky for us, we paid for a good room." Rick said. We got to get out of our suits and try to get some period costumes." He walked around the room, as if looking for something, then he ripped open the closets. "Paydirt." In front of him, was suits and dresses. "Here." he said, tossing Amanda and Brent their respective clothing...let's try to get the power suits off." Amanda harumphed at him and he looked at her. "What?" Amanda raised an eyebrow. "If this is some crazy way to get me undressed you are out of your mind." Rick blushed, redder than his Power Suit. "Whoops. Heehh...Go behind that veil." Amanda sashayed over to it and disappeared. Rick turned to Brent. "And just what the hell are you laughing at Blue?" Brent giggled. "Now I know why you are a Power Ranger. Cause you sure ain't got a way with the ladies." The Dinner hallway: "We ain't gonna pull this off." Amanda whispered. The Ranger team walked across the upper area of the Grand Staircase, their white boots showing. "I didn't know we couldn't remove our suits by conventional means!" Rick apologized profusley. Now they were at the bottom, getting set to walk into the lavish dining area. All the notables were there, such as John Jacob Astor, as well as Molly Brown. Brent gasped with awe. "And tell me...Is it Halloween?" A voice came out of the blue. It was a woman, dressed regally in a white dress with pinstripes. She had long reddish hair, as well as eyes that could burn a hole into a man's very being. "Wha?" Brent and Rick both stammered. She coyly raised an eyebrow and took in the struck rangers. "Rose Dewitt Bukateer" she said, introducing herself. "Rick Busby." Rick said, offering a courtly bow. "This is Brent and Amanda." "Delighted." Rose said, going back to the table to be seated with her starchy fiance, Cal Hockly, and with Jack Dawson, a scruffy young man from steerage. Stepping aside, Amanda bumped into Andy. "AC!" She said excitedly. Andy looked at her with disdain. "I beg your pardon, you must be mistaken. I am A.C. Slater, railroad tycoon." "No no no!" Amanda was adamant. "You're our friend. We've got to warn all the people from alt about the upcoming collision!" Andy sniffed. "Collision? Sinking? Why , my lady, God himself could not sink this vessel!" The ship promptly shook with a roar, quickly bringing everyone's attention to the outside of the ship. "Then what the hell is that!?!?" Outside the Titanic: Captain Smith rushed out of his cabin onto the bridge, tucking in his shirt hurriedly. "What was that, Mr. Murdoch?" Smith asked. "An iceberg, sir. I put her hard a' starboard and run the engines full astern, but it was too close. I tried to port around it, but she hi... and I.." "Close the emergency doors...now." Smith growled. "The doors are closed." Murdoch said. Chunks of ice had fallen across the foc'sle of the ship. The iceburg had to be well over the height of a medium sized building, with jagged points nearer to the top. Amanda and the rest of the alters stood in horror. "Don't worry. This ship is unsinkable!" Joe Rovang declared. Rick squared his jaw. "Amanda, Brent , let's go. We need to try to find out exactly where the ship got hit. Maybe we have enough power in the Blade Blasters to weld the ship." Amanda pulled him off to the side. "We can't." "What!!?!?!?" "Rick, if we were to do that, we would be altering history." The Red Ranger turned and punched a wall. Grimly, he knew that meant over 1500 souls were going to die. "So what are we to do?" he sneered. "Sit and watch?" "Regrettably , yes." Amanda said. "You do that then." Rick growled. "I'm going to go help people into lifeboats." He walked off to his cabin to go get his helmet. Amanda sighed and followed him. A Quick Conference: "What's the damage Mr. Andrews?" EJ Smith asked grimly. The captain looked very drained. "These six compartments have been compromised." Andrews pointed at a map of the ship. Ismay bristled. "This ship can't sink!" Andrews remained firm. "She's made of iron. I assure you, she can." Smith let out a defeated groan. "How many people on board?" Murdoch read the manifest. "Over 2000 souls on board sir." Smith looked at Ismay. "Looks like you have your headlines." The Grand Staircase: "There's too many damn people!" Rick said, frustrated. Brent walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "I have even more bad news. I did a read on the crew manifest." "And?" Brent frowned. "I found that most of the alt mmpr people on the ship had ancestors that died here tonight." He breathed deep. "We displaced our ancestors on the ship. Not many of us are to be alive after this ship sinks." "Do you know who lives? Brent looked over his notes. "Only two. Lynn, cause her ancestor was first class, and me, cause my ancestor was a kid and was saved." "So we're screwed?" "Not exactly. There is a chance once our "Death's" occur, we will return to the time that is normal to us." Thomas Andrews came walking in, looking around the magnificent room, which he knew was doomed. Rose sees his heartbroken expression. She walked over to him. "I saw the iceberg, Mr. Andrews. And I see it in your eyes. Please tell me the truth." Her eyes were pleading. Andrews saw the hurt in her eyes and it touched his heart. He made his decisions. "The ship will sink." Rose was adamant. "You're certain?" "Yes." He sighed. " In an hour or so... all this..." He looked and pointed at the exquisite carpentry. "..will be at the bottom of the Atlantic." "My God." Cal said. "Please tell only who you must, I don't want to be responsible for a panic. And get to a boat quickly. Don't wait. You remember what I told you about the boats?" Rose nodded, calm, save for the panic in her eyes. "Yes, I understand. Thankyou." Andrews walked off, moving among the passengers and trying to get them to put on their lifebelts and get to the boats. The ship had a considerable list. "Mr. Busby" Rose said, approaching the now power suited ranger. "Rose?" "The ship is not equipped to save everyone." Rick nodded. "I know. I cornered Andrews earlier." "At least your dressed in your best." Rick looked in horror at his Power Suit. "Really?" "It's a great double breasted suit." Rose smiled. "A sign of a true gentleman." Rick bowed. "Good luck to you Rose." "You too. Good luck to you and your friends." 2:00am : The boats had left. Rick and Amanda were running along the corridors of the rapidly destructing steerage. Amanda pushed him into the side hall just as a wall exploded on them. They ran into the main lobby just across from the Grand Staircase. wading through the neck high water, Rick dropped underwater to get an idea of where he was. The sight shocked him as he looked down the side stairwell. The alt mmpr freinds were floating underwater, not moving. Rick choked back a sob as he surfaced. "Keep going...we're almost there." He couldn't bear to let his friend die. 2:20am: The ship had broken in half from all the pressure. Quickly going upright, it sent people by the score falling into the cold atlantic. Rick hung from handrails, as Amanda hung beside him. Jack and Rose had made their way on the top of the rails so they would ride down like an elevator. The ships cook looked at the two rangers. "Evening." It was an eerie feeling. "Rick...my hands...they're so cold...I can't hang on.." "Amanda you have to hold on. For your friends. For me." Rick begged. Amanda looked up at Rose. Rose was frightened, but brave. Amanda's one arm let go of the rail. Rick hung there trying to reach out to her. "Amanda...Dear God , please grab my hand!" She reached and grabbed his fingers as her other hand let go. She looked down at the frothing water looking up at her, like the icy clutch of death staring her in the face. Tears fogged up Rick's helmet as Amanda's grip slipped and she fell end over end and hit sections of the ship all the way down. Rick didn't think he'd ever quit screaming. "Rick." Rose looked at him, tenderly. "Stay with me and Jack. You need to survive." Rick remembered what Brent told him. "I can't. I have to go to her." He looked up at Jack. "She's my friend." With a inhuman scream, he lept and dove towards the frothing Atlantic. His last thoughts were ..please God...let this happen quickly. He hit the water with a slam, and he. Woke up. Safe in a deck chair on the Titanic II. The salt air assaulted his senses. Rovang and the rest of the alt mmpr users were on the deck, playing shuffleboard and the like. Rick blinked his eyes, still unable to get the images out of his head. "You ok?" Amanda had walked up to him. He looked down the ship. Jack and Rose were hand in hand, dancing. He smiled as the two waved at him. "Yeah." Rick walked with Amanda back to the group , to enjoy the rest of his vacation.