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Just a quick note, I wrote this on April 3, 1993 and consider this my first ever written fanfic ...hope you enjoy.....
The day had started too early for Kim. The alarm had gone off with it's usual incessand sound which always made Kim have to get up and turn the fool thing off. She stretched, and with a yawn, started getting ready for breakfast of the usual eggs, toast, and the awful singsongy Mrs. Cleaver "Good Morning" from her mother which drove the half asleep teenager up a wall. She hated that and never could really deal with the pressures of school or too cheerful mothers at seven in the morning. Kim shrugged and walked downstairs , ready for another fun day of high school. Her friend Jason, true to form was already up, having been up since six in the morning. His martial arts training had always kept him mentally and physically in top form. The routine for today had changed slightly. After a good workout and a shower, he had put on a fresh shirt and picked up his keys. Kim needed a lift and had asked Jason if she could ride with him. Jason thought highly of kim, who really needed to be at her best in school because of Angel Grove's Awards day being right around the corner. She was to be one of the inductees during the ceremony. They all met in the parking lot, like they usually do, and headed off to their classes. Jason gave Tommy a high five as they trotted off to p.e. class for first period, while Zack took off to science with Billy , and Kim and Trini headed off to english. Kim arrived in the classroom and sat down to go over her notes. Bulk and Skull, the two school bullies arrived in the room with only one thing in mind; Mayhem. Kim put her head on her desk. She didn't need this aggravation while she was trying for an addition to the Honor Club, which she so eagerly wanted to join. While the teacher was into the lesson, Bulk was writing intently. He smiled at Kim and hissed quietly, "Hey goody good, pass this back." She looked at him like she could kill him. "No way." Bulk snarled at her as he held out the note. "C'mon, i just want you to pass it back, now what's the harm in that?" With a moment's distraction, Kim took the note and passed it to the student behind her. Suddenly the note was where she never intended it to be. The note was sitting in the teachers hand. She hadn't noticed that he had moved around to the back of the room and sat in the seat behind her while she and Bulk were talking. He smiled a smile that told Kim she was dead on the spot. "Kaplan's office, now!" yelled the teacher. She knew that teacher all too well because when he yells, don't argue, just go. She headed down that long hallway that seemed to be constructed only for students who had gotten into trouble. Everybody in the hallway seemed to be staring at her as if they knew what had happened. The redness in her face finally started to go away as she went into the office and the secretary motioned to her to sit down in Kaplan's office. The Principal walked in. "Kimberly, I am very surprised at you. Personally I don't think you even had it in you to do this." he held up the note. "But even great students like you should be punished for when you do wrong." Kim seemed to shrink into her seat. She knew that she was a goner and that Kaplan was nly toying with her. "Kim." He said, "Don't take this too hard, but I'm going to have to assign you two days of detention, starting today. Even if Bulk did start it, you were an accessory to it. Don't worry though, it shouldn't stop you from entering the Honor Club." He handed her the detention slip and dismissed the disheartened girl. Kim laughed nervously to herself. "Well, only fifty-two more days until summer vacation." She sat in the detention room before the session, and Jason appeared in the doorway, on the way to his final class. "Kim, what happened?" he asked. Kim looked up. "Bulk happened. He...I ..." her voice caught as Jason smiled. "Don't worry, all of us know your a perfectionist. You'll still win that award, hands down." Kim gave him a hug. "Thanks Jase, you've always been there for me." He gave a gentle courteous bow and headed for class. On the moon, Rita Repulsa gazed into her telescope. Her eyes were wet from laughing so hard that the eveil one had been crying. "That goody-two shoes finally lost it!" She couldn't stand all the free entertainment that she was getting. Rita smiled. On her birthday nontheless! Kim sat in the detention class, wondering how her social life could end at only eighteen years old. Straight A's in her class and a lifetime of work had gone down the drain. Ever since her parents divorced, she had really tried her best to impress her mother. She had one other little accomplishment, she was a Power Ranger and proud of it at that. As she sat in the class, her communicator beeped. Zordon, mentor of the team, had an emergency. What the heck, thought Kim as she looked at the time. 3:00, it's almost time to let out of school anyway. She slipped into a secluded area of the school after the bell rang and instantly teleported to Zordon's Command Center. As she arrived, she looked up at Zordon's tube. "What's up?" She asked. The wise sage, who was caught in a time warp replied. "The team is in trouble. You need to go to Angel Grove park and help. Be careful and let the power protect you." Kim pulled out her power morpher. The unit had always intrigued her, but now wasn't the time for petty fascination, it was time to morph. She placed the unit on her hand. Pterodactyl!" She yelled, and instantly transformed into the Pink Ranger. She pressed a switch and teleported to the park. When she arrived the others were in heated combat with Rita's putty patrol. The Putties were no match for the team because they were completely mindless. A series of punches and kicks and the putties were history. Jason laughed as he shouted at Trini. "Man, we didn't even break a sweat!" A low rumble shook the place. the team turned around and took a step back,because the main henchman of Rita's had arrived. The rangers pulled out their weapons and began the attack. Jason screamed over the fighting. "Where were you? In the powder room too long?" he barked. Kim laughed. "I was on a date thank you." "Hey, I was only kidding!" Jason said. When they got together, Goldar had really bore down on them ready to destroy the city. He swung his sword and they tried a counter, but it was too late. Goldar had scattered the team like flies. Jason picked himself off the ground. "Let's bring them together!" "Power Axe!" "Power Bow!" "Power Daggers!" "Power Lance!" "Power Sword!" The blinding beam of energy came out of the gun. Only one problem however, was Goldar dissapearing and leaving a mirror in it's place. The beam reflected and stuck Jason full in the chest. "Now I have you!" screamed Goldar. As the weapon split apart, the team turned around to face the voice that addressed them. Goldar had reappeared behind them and was holding his sword at Kim. "Let her go, NOW!" Jason roared. Goldar snorted, "I don't think so. You want her to live, catch!" He threw the hapless girl at the Red Ranger. Jason caught her but failed to see the sword swing directly at his lower back. The flat side of the sword connected as he dropped Kim with a cry of agony. Goldar laughed and teleported back to Rita. It was a sad sight as all of the rangers gathered around the fallen teen. Kim was white with horror. "Jason..please tell me your alright..." her voice was a shallow whisper. Her freind was laying face down on the ground , clutching his back. "Can you morph?" Zack asked weakly. "I'll try." Jason touched his power morpher and became a teen again in street clothes. The EMS workers arrived on the scene and gently placed the injured leader on a stretcher as the others watched. Yellow and Blue ranger helped to lift the gurney into the ambulance. It was a depressing sight to see the rescue vehichle drive away with Jason inside. Back at the school, the five sat and talked with Rocky, a freind of Jason's, about the tragic accident. He tried to calm the upset kim, but she turned emotionally to the others. "Look." she sobbed. "I caused this accident, can't you see?" Jason wouldn't be hurt if i had done my part and not been daydreaming!" Trini tried to comfort the distraught girl. "No!" Kim yelled. "I can't take it! I'm quitting." In one quick move, she had gotten into her car and roared off. "Oh Kim." Trini whispered. Rocky put a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry. She needs a little time to deal with this. When she wants to talk to us, we'll be there for her. I promise." All smiled at their freind, who had just moved to Angel Grove. Zack smiled. "Let's go visit Jason." The five got into Trini's car and they drove off to the hospital. Not a word was said in the car as they drove up to the parking lot. When they walked up to the hospital door, things went downhill from there. The building was cold-looking, and was like a place for someone to go and die. The teenagers, were escorted to a waiting room, where seemingly like hours later a doctor came into the room. Trini was the first on her feet. "Doctor?" The doctor smiled tiredly. "Yes. I'm Dr. Cynthia Taylor and I know why you are here and...I'm sorry. Things don't look good for your friend. I know it's rough, but he may never walk again." Trini placed her head in her lap, crying. Rocky and Billy stood in utter shock. Dr. Taylor sat next to the depressed Trini. "Jason needs his friends now in there instead of in here mourning his loss." Rocky stood. "Your right." and without a second word, they walked in to the dimly lighted room. It only had a small television and wash basin with a bathroom off in the corner, but had never been used. A lone light illuminated the area where the injured Jason was. Jason painfully turned over and managed a feeble wave to his freinds. Rocky asked. "How are you?" Jason replied. "I can't move my legs." He looked around. "Where's Kim? I was hoping to talk with her." he groaned. Trini tried to be reassuring. "Kim quit the team yesterday. She does blame herself for the accident." Fighting the agony, Jason tried to sit up. "Her fault?" It's all mine. I shouldn't have let Goldar use her like that." He laid back down. "This team is my responsiblity and I should be at fault." Rocky walked up "I don't know who is at fault or even what this Team is , but we gotta get you healed up bud." Tommy spoke up, a slight smile on his face. "Jason, let me talk to her. I think i can convince her to rejoin the team." Jason smiled. "Alright. go for it. I knew i could count on my freinds." Trini was smiling most of all. Rita looked up from her scope. "So, Kimberly blames herself hmnmm? Finster! Make me a monster, and do it quickly!" Finster yawned. "Yes misteress. Your monster is coming right up." Finster pulled out some fresh clay and began to sculpt. Rita laughed. "Good! Now Zordon's weakling teenagers will be defeated once and for all!" Tommy knocked on the door to Kim's room. "Kim.. Kim it's Tommy." Silence. "I know your in here Kim, please open the door. I want to help." The door slowly opened. Tommy entered the darkened room and looked around. He found that the poor girl had been crying over Jason's injury the whole time. "Kim, I.." she put a finger to her lips, quieting the startled Green Ranger. She was watching a video of newscasts, telling of the Rangers heroic exploits. Image after image followed, and tommy finally found the ability to speak. "Kim, I just spoke to Jason. The team really needs you. Please come back to us." Kim smiled but said nothing. She thought back to the time when the putties destroyed her float for the flower power parade and when the team helped fix it. The Rangers had a sensitive site as she found that out on Parent's day. Her parents were divorced and Trini comforted her, telling Kim they were inside waiting for her and it wasn't her fault for the split. She would never forget that. Those time that the team shared together were so intense and always unique for a group of teenages that they would always carry the memories with them forever. She never wanted the good times to end in injury to anyone but the bad guys. Tommy sat and watched as Kim suddenly broke the silence. "I care too much for these guys. I never want to see them hurt in any way. Jason could have been killed because of my screw up." Tommy knew that kim was taking the events of the other day extremely hard. No one could have prepared themselves for what she endured. "Let it out kim." said Tommy, holding his arms out. "That's what we're here for." Kim put her head on his shoulder and cried. "I hope he will be alright." Tommy only smiled. "I'm sure he will, Kim." Tommy had a small tear in his eye. The young man had been genuinely touched by Kim's caring attitude. Back at the hospital, Billy had a plan. "It goes like this guys, Jason, I'll modify your power suit to have your voice \even if someone else is wearing it. Maybe we can get Kim to belive your back." Jason smiled. Billy was always the wisest of the five. He sat up, using the devices on the bed to make him more comfortable. "One question though. Who will wear it?" Billy replied. "I will, or , " he seemed thoughtful for a moment. He looked over at Rocky, who had shrunk back into a corner. "Since you've stumbled on to our little secret, would you help?" Rocky smiled. "Help the Power Rangers? When do we begin?" Back at Kim 's house, the cry had done her some good. She had fallen asllep and was resting well with Tommy watching over her. He thought she was so beautiful to be so caring. He decided about leaving her to get some restand was just about to do so when her communicator beeped. "Yeah Zordon?" Tommy said. "We need Kim's help. The rangers are in trouble." Tommy ran over to Kim and gently shook her awake. She stirred blinking her eyes at the bright light and stared at Tommy. He handed her the communicator and said. "Zordon needs us. Here you go." She picked up the two-way. "Yes?" She said. "There is a battle in the park. The team will all if you do not help." Kim looked over at Tommy, who shrugged his shoulders. "Kim, go on. But i'll be upset if you get hurt and forget our date tonight." She looked at him strangely. "Go on!" He urged. She turned to leave. "But, I'll be upset if my freinds come back injured because of me." Tommy laughed. "I'll be upset if anyone returns hurt. So take it easy and all of you return in one piece. I'll be there if I'm needed." She smiled and morphed out to her friends. The pink ranger appeared in the midst of a terrible battle. The monster that Rita had sent down had already grown huge in size. To her amazement though, was the Red Ranger. They got together and held up their power crystals. "We need Dinozord power, Now!" they yelled. From the far distance, a low rumble was heard. The zords were coming to help. The rangers entered their respective machines. "Log on!" "Zack here, let's rock and roll!" "Billy here, all systems go!" "Trini here, on line!" "Kim, back in the attack!" Red Ranger held up his power crystal. "Rangers, power up your crystals." In the same motion, all four pulled their crytals out and inserted them into the console. "Two, One, Power up!" Red Ranger worked the controls on his zord. "Alright, let's show them some Megazord Power!" The computer voice intoned. "Megazord sequence has been initiated." and the awesome machine slowly began to rise up as the process completed. "Megazord Activated." The Monstor took a swing. The megazord only backed up a few feet. "We need the power sword now!" A glint of light appeared in the sky. The Power Sword was fast approching. Megazord caught it as the rangers said at the same time. "Strike Three, Your out!" with a sweeping motion, the megazord sliced through the monster and it exploded in a shower of sparks. "Yeah!" The team cheered. Red Ranger looked at the others and said "Let's get back to the hospital. I don't feel too hot." On Rita's homeworld she was throwing a tantrum as usual. "I'm getting a headache again! You losers!" The team returned to the hospital as their comm units beeped. "Congratualtions Rangers, you have done well. Kimberly, I hope you will stay with us." If one could see the expression behind her helmet, you could see Kim smile with the smile of a person who made the right choice. "Well, I do think Pink Ranger is back, unless I have a hair appointment." Billy frowned. "I was just kidding guys!" Everyone laughed as they entered the hospital and met up with Tommy, who had been waiting for them. "Kim, I want you to close you're eyes before you go in." She was led in by the others into the room when the lights came on. "Surprise!" All of them showted. She opened her eyes and saw Jason standing there on crutches. "Your ok! But how...I saw..." Jason smiled at her. "The doctor rechecked me. I only had a pinched disc. That meant I was only temporarily paralyzed." Kim frowned, remembering something. "Wait a second. If you're here." She pointed at the red ranger. "Who is that!?!?" The figure took off the helmet. It was Rocky. He had filled in for Jason while he was recuperating. "Don't worry." Jason said. "I won't even miss a day of school!" Kim laughed. "School...Oh my. I've got a second day of detention! Rocky, anyone, gimme a ride!" Laughter echoed over the hospital room. "That's not funny!" she hissed. Rocky smiled. "C'mon Kim. I'll give you a lift."

And the Adventure Continues