"Zordon...he's ...he's ..ay-yi-yi..." Alpha lead them to the sickbay area .
Zordon laid in the stasis beam. His life source readings showed no signs.
"Dear God." Kim breathed.
"No.." Trini was crying.
"This can't be" Jason silently said.
Zack couldn't talk...there was a lump in his throat.
"He can't die...we need his wisdom so bad."

The rangers silently walked back to the Command Center's main area. Jason had
his arm around Kimberly, who was buried in his chest, crying.
"I'm gonna get that Lord Zedd." Zack hissed.
"No your not..." Rick said. "Not yet at least."
"Why Not?" Zack shot him a very dirty glare. Rick shrugged it off. "Because we
need to act now on Zordon. "
"He just DIED, Rick" Jason said.
" Perhaps. But I took the liberty of hooking up a neural processer to Zordon. He
is now in the computer."
"waitamin...You mean..his ESSESNCE is in the Command Center's database?"
"Exactly. Kinda of like a Ghost in the machine. " Rick said. "If I play this right,
Zordon will survive in a new way."
He pressed a few buttons. The column Zordon inhabited began to glow. With agonizing
slowness, a head began to appear.
"Come on, come on!" Rick was a little irritated.
The head finally appeared. It was Zordon's head.
"RANGERS!" The voice boomed.
"ZORDON!" The kids shouted. Zordon nodded. "It is good to see you too. What has happened
since the time Rito and Goldar detonated the implosion device?"
"It's a loooong story." Jason said.
He smiled, knowing the story would last for a long time. They said their farewells, Jason , Zack
, and Trini heading back to the peace conference, while Kim and Billy went their separate ways. Rick took
comfort that he probably will not see the last of his friends.

Present Day-Saturo, Japan

Trini sat at the Hashimoto Train Complex, fidigting with anticipation. It was time for the Peace Conference
to end and she had sighed with relief. It had been two years too long for her. Jason Scott, one of her colleagues
on the team from Angel Grove had already returned home, only to become OhRanger VI, the Gold Ranger. Why couldn't she
had been a part of the rangers once again?
She shook her head, as she heard the voices of her family. The trip back to Angel Grove had taken them by Saturo,
and she relished the chance to have an outing with her family once again. Hellos were exchanged, as well as tearful
hugs." Strange" ,thought Trini," Why haven't have the least amount of feelings for my family?" The car
arrived at the Mt. Fuji landmark, overlooking several rocky precipices. Trini and her brother, Ahashi, stepped out and
began to walk to the edge to get a better view. Ahashi smiled. "This is a beautiful view, sister..and now to spend it
with you. I am very happy."
He smiled. For Ahashi ,life would be much happier now that his family was reunited. Trini looked down at her brother.
He was standing ever so close to the edge, and she was beginning to get the urge to push him. Just to see if she could
do it and end someone's life willingly...to kill. Ahashi continued to talk, but dark thoughts were continuing a slow boil
in Trini's mind. She just sat and stared at her brother next to the edge of the rocky crag, and began to look around. No
nobody but her and Ahashi were present. She slowly walked up to him, cautious, nervous, making utterly sure that she and her
brother were alone. Then the moment came. She pushed Ahashi and he stumbled, beginning to lose his balance, tumbling over
the edge. He screamed as he fell forward, turning several times as his body bounced off the jagged edges, bones breaking,
skin tearing, finally landing with a splash in a spring, his artery severed, several hundred feet below. Trini began to
smile, a rictus grin covering her face. Tears began to form, as a relization hit. She had actually ENJOYED killing her
own brother! Crying with happiness, she ran to get her parents, as they reacted with only concern. Trini's tears convinced
her parents that she was grieving over a sorrowful accident. They did what they could comfortwise for their daughter. Never
did they once realize that she had done the deed.
In the back of the car, she ran through a million thoughts at once.
She must leave Japan immediately. She must have more lives, but it would not
come from her parents. That would arouse suspicion. She knew of a city, just
outside of Angel Grove, nicknamed, horribly enough, "The City Of Angels." She must have time though, for the Power Rangers
would be alerted to her presence just so close to Angel Grove. She began to form an idea for a costume in her mind, as well as a new name.
She smiled once again. "Power Rangers," she thought, "Time to face the wrath of.....Kali."

Angel Grove-A year later

"It was awesome how you guys brought back the OhCrystal."Rick said
proudly." The Power Rangers had reunited into the most outstanding force he
had seen in recent memory. The Dinozords , Thunderzords, Ninja and Shogunzords, had protected the Command Center while the
Alien Rangers helped Alpha Five to restore the Command Center back to normal. Then Jason made a surprise reappearance to
the team, becoming the Gold Ranger. Awesome technology was created, thanks to Trey of Triforia, and then the Machine Empire fell.
"Sure thing." Jason beamed. He was dressed in his Blue tank top, with black sweatpants. "I just miss Rocky though." "We all do."
Smiled Tommy, the Red Ranger, "But we got Rocky's E-mail address when he moved so it will be no problem to keep in touch with him.
"What town did he move to again?" Kat asked.
"A town...I can't remember the name, but he and his friend Ashe moved to a place nicknamed The City of Angels."
Tommy said.

"Oh damn." Rick breathed. All five rangers turned to him. "What?" Kat
asked. Rick had turned pale. "Is the City a bad place?" Rick only shook his head. "um....isn't that
person at the door...she looks familiar.." Jason gasped.
"It's Trini!" Trini stood before them in a S&M type of garb, with a
pink jacket over her. A collar wrapped angrily around her neck, and she had a assortment of weaponry
attached to her belt. She scowled dispassiontaly.
"Good to see you again, Rangers." To the Rangers, everything moved in
slow motion. Jason was up first, but Kali had already spinkicked him into the arcade
machines in the juice bar.
Kat was next, a vicious scar opened up on her cheek from Kali's shuriken.
"Any one want's to be next?" She hissed. Rick stood. "Ahh.....the
little ZyuRanger want's to be the dead one." Rick raised an eyebrow. "Doubt
that." She lunged with a straight punch at his face. He sidestepped her and
caught her arm. Twisting it behind her back, he made her drop her star.
"Enough!" said Rick as he placed her in a headlock. Bad mistake. She
quickly flipped him and pinned him on the floor. Rick grimaced. What was she
going to do, seduce him to death?" A glint of light told him his fate. Her
butterfly knife had opened and plunged into his chest.

The PowerChamber: Present.

At the instant that Kali's knife had stabbed Rick, alarms activated all over the powerchamber. "Ay-yi-yi-yi"
Alpha shouted. "That's the biosensor alarm!" "Alpha, scan all channels!"
The Viewing Globe hummed into view. The Ohrangers had surrounded Rick,
holding off a madwoman. She wielded a knife in one hand, and a katana blade was slung across her back Rick was bleeding
profusely. "Alpha, teleport the Rangers here to the PowerChamber now!" All six Rangers were enveloped in a glow of various
colors. Five made it out. Rick's form still stayed. "Zordon,we've got to do something!" Tommy screamed. He was almost in

Juice Bar: Seconds Later

Rick lay hurt. Kali was sitting at one of the tables that hadn't been
knocked over. She was placing bullets into a revolver. Rick tried to sit up
and move. "Ack..no....please..." He felt his breath burn his lungs. Kali only
smiled. She knew Rick was her child now, and it was time for him to take a nap.
She snapped her gun into place. She walked up to him and caressed him,rubbing his
cheek and placing a small kiss on his head. For Rick it was utter and total revulsion.
But strangley he didn't feel fear or anything other than a sudden calm. Kali leaned
in close and smiled soothingly. "Hush lil' baby, please don't cry....." Kat turned
away from the viewing globe.
Two shots. and then it was over. The