T.K. Tripps Restaraunt, Two hours later.

"It's really good to see you Katherine." Heather said. The Pink Ohranger sat in front of her, nursing a huge chef salad. She was dressed in the usual pink jumpsuit and blazer, while Heather still had on her nursing assistant's uniform.
"Yeah" Katherine said. "I needed to find somebody to talk to about this. I was in the juice bar when Trini did what she did. I can't belive she would do such a thing!"
"No kiddin." Heather said. "Trini and I knew each other from a job we held in 1993. Then when she got word that she would be in the peace conference, that was pretty much it for the both of us. She went to Japan and I stayed in the same job, also training at Angel Grove's medical center to learn to be a nurse. Dr.Myer trained me pretty doggone good when I got here."
The meal finished up uneventfully, and the two ladies got up to leave. They paid their bill and began to walk outside.
"I'll catch you later kiddo..." Kat smiled.
Kat began to walk down the alley to go back to her hotel. She never saw what was following.

The Attack

Kat never saw the blow that threw her face down into the concrete. Quickly jumping to her feet, she looked around for any signs of Cogs or Prince Gasket. Not taking any chances, she twisted her arms to make her Zeonizers appear.
"Zeo Ranger I, Pink!" she shouted.
A wireframe of green encircled her , as from the feet up the battle armor of the pink Ohranger formed.
A figure stepped out from the shadows. Dressed in the black garb of the Ninja, it vaguely reminded Katherine of the days when Ninjor gave the Power Rangers their Ninja powers.
and then the realization hit. It was Kali!
(Tick tock tick tock....your running out of time.....No time to stop...they are close behind.)
The throwing star shredded right through her armour on the right shoulder. Sparks flew as she fell. Shaking her head, she tried to remember what Zordon told her.
"Of course! The Sankara stone counteracts the OhCrystal energies!" She hopped back up. (ca-ca-ca-combat!!)
"Zeo Ranger I, Power down!" The suit quickly dissolved into nothingness.
She stood , virtually defensless against the homicidal Kali. The Killer only smiled, licking her blade as it glistened in the sun. "I have to stop you, Trini." Kat grimly took her stance.
Kali only smiled more. "Then you will die quicker that way. I can't allow that. Death is like a fine wine, to be savored and enjoyed slowly." Before Kat could strike, the blade of her katana had already begun it's dance.


"Where the hell is Kat?" Tommy spat. He was furiously pacing back and forth in the powerchamber, waiting on the four hours late ranger. Then suddenly the lights dimmed in the chamber, and explosions rocked the room.
"Zordon..." Tommy began.
"The morphin grid has suffered a one sixth decrease in power."
"What? The only way that can happen is if a Ranger loses his powers or
dies!" Tommy breathed in horror.
"That is exactly what has happened Zeo V. Katherine has suffered her fate at Kali's hands."
"Oh no...." Tommy sighed. How could the Rangers defeat the maniac called called Kali? Without the Power Rangers Zeo at full strength and Rick dead, all they could hope for was a miracle. But the legendary Power Rangers have always pulled miracles out of the blue. They just HAD to find a way to beat her!

Parts Unknown:

There is a land where the dead know no rest. A land of marsh and mist, sorrow and pain. There is a rider on a valient steed, it's breath like jets of so much powerful steam. And only one word on the rider's lips. Hope. The rider continues on his endless trek, searching endlessly to find some way to bridge the gap between the worlds, and return to help his friends. A robed figure bars the way, bouncing a ball as if to mock the seriousness of the surroundings.
"I am sorry for your loss Rick." The being says.
"Yeah." Rick says, jumping down from his horse. "Me too."
"I do have a way for you to return." The being smiles. "Would you like to hear my offer?"
" Sure."
The figure grabbed him by his garb and threw him for what seemed an eternity.
Rick landed with a thud in a room filled with candles. Oh no, he thought, I have seen this place before.
"You have" The being floats into the room, hovering in midair right in
front of the startled ZyuRanger. "You know me as Klotho, the master of DragonRanger Brai's destiny."
"Wait. No. I ain't taking that Thirty day thing you do!"
"It is thirty hours. And I do suggest you hear me out." Klotho said.
"Ok ... Lay it on me." Rick sat , dejected. He didn't want to deal with his
own mortality at the time.
"You will be resurrected roughly the same time your burial happened. The task you will accomplish will be bringing me a lock of hair from the person who took your life."
" I can't!" Rick said.
"You can. You have nothing to fear with the Gaiatron energy protecting you as a ZyuRanger."
"She can cut right through my armour!" Rick sighed.
"See the gift I present to you." A box popped into existance in front of the startled ranger. He knelt in front, examining the exquisite craftwork on the box. Undoing the lock, he pulled out a dagger with strange markings on it.
"This is ZyuSoken." Klotho began. "It is the source of strength from the fighting tribes that Brai and his predecessors come from. When you call the name of DragonCaeser, your armor will add on Brai's, converting your suit into Armored Tyranno, which has over twenty times the strength of the normal Dinosaur Task Force . Here is your cross to bear, however, you will be merged with the living gaiatronic energies of the armor. You may demorph, but do not lose your dagger, ZyuSoken. You will begin a decrease in life, and you will die after thirty hours. Do not let this happen Rick. The Ohrangers need you, as well as your friends. Now, morph."
Rick pulled the buckle from his belt. "DinoBuckler!"
He was soon encased in the armor of the Red Ranger. "Now, change to Armored Tyranno. "
"DragonCeaser!" The sheild of the Green Ranger formed around him. He looked down to see the gold armor covering his TyrannoArmour. The helmet hid his expression of gratitude that he felt for this new power.
"You only have three uses externally for the sheild. Then you will draw from your dagger. Be warned."
Rick nodded. "Thank you, Klotho."

Present Day- Alley

Kat lay injured, as Kali began to start her final attack. Kat knew her finish could come very quickly. As Kali walked to her, a blur struck her katana blade, knocking it from her.
"Let Katherine go!" Rick shouted.
"So, the zyuranger returns. That is great. Rick, your friend is dying, I'm afraid...Try to save her if you can." Kali took off for the comfort of the shadows as Red Ranger ran to Kat's side.
"Ri...ck?. Uhnn... Help....(kaff) Get my Zeonizer to....someone that can help .. defeat this menace..."
"Kat, here. Take my sheild. The powers in it will heal you and give you energy." Rick said. He took her hand and placed it on his chest. The gold DragonShield dissolved on his chest, only to reform on her.
"It may help save me....but you need to pass on the Ohpink power to someone else....I'm not in the best of shape..." Kat said.
"I will Kat. Thank you for all you have done for us." He smiled bravely. Kat had tears coming down her face as she hugged him. He picked her up in his arms, cradling her gently, and teleported her to the hospital.

Baptist Hospital: Seconds Later.

The waiting room was barren save for one person. Rick sat with a sigh as he waited for word on Kat's health. The air conditioning was too cold for his taste, as he watched some tastless episode of the Geraldo show. A soft knock at the door broke him of his reverle and shocked him back to reality. Dr Myers walked into the room, a solemn look on her face.
"Good to see you back Rick." she said.
"How is Katherine?" Rick asked, concerned.
"She is in a coma, but she's stablized. That's the good news. Now the bad news is though is Kali's attack did far worse damage than we had originally noted. She has cut through the thirty first and on down her vertabrae. She will not ever walk again, I'm afraid."
Rick bent over as if he was about to faint, but his silent sobbing told another tale. Heather walked in, and Dr. Myer met her at the door.
"It's not good .. Do what you can to comfort him, please."
"I will." Heather sat down at the distraught young man. She rubbed his back and held him as he cried. She brought his face up to meet hers.
"Rick, we're going to get her. I promise you that."
"You're damned right we are. And this is how." He held up the zeonizer. Heather gasped in shock as the realization hit. Kathrine Hillard was an Ohranger!
"You will now possess the power of the pink ranger, Heather. Kat told me on the way to the hospital of all your qualities that would make you an excellent power ranger."
Heather stood. Her face trembled, but otherwise she was perfectly composed. "I'm ready."
"Powers of the ohcrystal, take flight from our hurt friend, and carry her love, compassion , heart, and courage into our new power ranger." Rick said. As his ceremony continued, the ohcrystal power poured into Heather's body, morphing her instantly into Ohpink.
"You are now the new Pink Ranger. Remember, all the previous Pink Rangers are now with you, Kimberly and Kat's experences and powers are now with you. Protect them well."
The ohpink armor dissolved, leaving a tear ridden Heather standing there.

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