Judah Earl's Hideout- One hour later.

Judah Earl loved his only concession to technology. The camera obscura was a huge, blocky device, showing sub-vhs quality video, but it
did serve his purpose. Turning to his bank of monitors, he noticed one of
the monitor's showing Ashe Corven's death. Stumbling on the execution of
one of Judah's thugs, Ashe and his son were executed themselves, dumped off
the edge of the City's pier. Then mysteriously and unexpected, his crew began to suffer deaths rapidly. All but Curve and Kali.
"Tell me Sybill, what mask is Death wearing?"
The blind overseer smiled. "One of your victims. He has your name on his tongue. "
Earl frowned. "So why hasn't he come after Kali?"
"A group of vigilantes known as ChoRiki Sentai Ohranger have targeted her. They are led by Tommy Oliver, the Red Ohranger, and further supplied in their forces by someone also brought back from the dead. Kali killed this individual and he has come back for her."
"I could care less about Kali." Earl said. He really didn't mean that when he said it, and that damned witch Sybill knew. Judah knew that Kali had reserved herself into the shadows, only to one day gather enough strength to take him down. He brightened. "Send her to go find that woman at the Grey Gargoyle. If she runs into Corven or TyrannoRanger, she will meet her end swiftly."
He laughed. Poor little Kali would be taken down by the legendary Power Rangers.

The Moon: The Next day

Zedd almost choked with enthusiasm. Ever since the Machine Empire had taken over he had been chomping at the bit to take the Ohrangers out and hadn't for the life of him been able to figure out a way. He turned to Cyclopsis and smiled behind his life support mask. "I know who's going to pilot you, my pretty. "

Lapsless Room: Same time

"I have bad news Rick." Klotho looked forlorn. "For some reason, your life force seems to be draining."
"I do not know why. Your powers should be able to keep you alive, but for some reason they are draining. I'm sorry my friend. The thirty hours curse seems to have surfaced."
"no..." Rick lowered his head. Sure enough, there was the same candle that damned Brai to the land of the dead. Only this time it was red, and already beginning to melt down into oblivion.

Angel Grove: Next day

"Where had Rick disappeared to?" asked Heather. She had been looking for him at school all day and hadn't seen hide nor hair of him. Zordon had informed the team of nothing but Cyclopsis's return. The teens sat in the classroom, talking about the day's events when the familiar six-noted tone chirped on their communicators.
They quickly found their way to a secluded section of the class and answered the call.
"Yeah Zordon...what's up?" Heather asked.
"Rangers. The time we have feared about is here." Zordon's voice was omioniusly grave.
"Cyclopsis has returned." Zordon said.
"Yeah so? We've dealt with him before..." Tonya was quick to say.
"Teleport to the PowerChamber."

"Apparently Rita's son has returned."
Five mouths dropped to the floor. "I will explain, Rangers..Rita used to live in an area of Japan as a human being back in the Prehistoric times.
"She had a son named Kai...he was chased by a Tyrannosaurus Rex and was killed. She gave her soul to the devil, DaiSatan in order to gain revenge..She was summarily defeated by the Japanese
Dinosaur Task Force Beast Ranger, and then locked in the dumpster that the astronauts stumbled
on. "
"So what can we do? Only the Megazord was able to stop it...we're now OhRanger!" Tommy asked.
"Maybe I can help." said Rick, already morphed. "I can pilot the Megazord into battle alone, while you guys take down Trini."

The Rangers began to call the zords......

Several Hours Later The city was in ruins...the Rangers was scattered. This was like a bad dream to Rick as he piloted the MegaZord
against Cyclopsis as the monstrous Zord slammed against the chest of the Megazord, denting it. "I don't know how to use this zord , damnit! "
Rick cried. Just then as he was beginning to think it was over, a hatch opened, and to his amazement, Trini stepped in!
"I'm not here to fight you." She said. "I'm here to repair the damage I caused. " She touched a few buttons on the control
panel as the massive zord hummed with energy. "Reserve's are up. A massive explosion on or next to Cyclopsis will destroy it and Kai.
Rick sighed. His energies were draining and he knew that his life was almost over. He looked at Rita's abomination and grinned a
grim smile. "Then we activate the Megazord's Destruct."
(click on enigma.ra....it's perfect for the ending sequence.)

Heather's Diary, 5/29/98

Dear Diary:
I don't know even where to begin. The battle against the monster was a fight that I hope I'll never see again
The town was systematically being torn apart as Red Ranger piloted the Megazord alone. The Zord was taking heavy damage from
Cyclopsis as I noticed a girl going into the cockpit with him. It was Trini, the one who instigated all this by killing Rick in the
first place. Rick only had thirty hours to live, but I was hoping to talk to him after the battle. I thought i'd never stop crying at it's
outcome. The Megazord walked up to Cyclopsis and grabbed him in an unbreakable lock. Tommy and I noticed an energy glow emitting from it and we
contacted Rick to see if we could stop him...we all knew, as well as he did, that the Megazord was about to self-destruct

Rick was comfortable in his decision, as the Megazord was rocked with a massive explosion which began it's decayal. Cyclopsis tried to escape
but it couldn't....Kai screamed as Cyclopsis's head burst into a million pieces from the explosion.
We ran to the Megazord after the explosion, but it was too late...Rick and Trini both had lost their lives.
That was a week ago, Diary...it's about a year later and I am standing at the memorial stone .

I look down at the stone. To the Red Ranger, and Yellow Ranger , it says...We will never forget. Some more than others
...Some more than others....

The End