Nasda Headquarters , April 2, 1998 "Nordquist isn't gonna like this." the technician muttered. Something was just not right. A comet and one of the Nasda satellites were on a collision course and he was working frantically to get the two to miss each other. "Hawkins..alter trajectory 3, 3, 5. now." Brad keyed in the new coordinates. "Done." The computer burped, and showed the new path. "Aw damn. We stopped the collision, but it's gonna go through the tail and crash into the earth." Katie, a manager, growled. "Destroy the sattelite." "That's a billion dollar sattelite!" The tech said. "Destroy it....we can't risk a catastrophe." The tech stepped back , and Katie angrily slammed a hand on the destruct switch. She turned and looked at the stunned staff. "Evacuate the base." Turning to the tech, she snarled. "I just hope your incompetence hasn't doomed us."
Andrew Shortt's House

"grrr...doofin' alarms." Andy "Anycool" Shortt didn't want to get up. 6:40am had come too soon, since he had snuck some Playboy's under his sheets and he had given himself some eye candy. He looked blearily at the calander...hmm...Monday...Egg day. He sat up with a ick and took a deep breath. Funny, he didn't smell eggs. It was more rancid. "Mom?" he said, walking downstairs in his underwear. The smell was almost overpowering now, almost like ripped flesh. "Must be steak." Walking into the kitchen, he found the source of the smell. His dad laid on the floor, with his throat ripped out like a pack of dogs had gotten to him. Disgusted, Andy stepped back from the bloody mess as his dad sat up. "This cant be real!" He was beginning to trip out now, turning to run face first into his mom. "Mom! Run! Dad's dead!" He looked up and gasped. Four hours later the sounds of tearing flesh finally ceased.
On the Set of Power Rangers
Chris walked through the door of the soundstages for Power Rangers in Space. He sighed. Not another day of nothing but sitting behind a console yelling at DECA. Let's do more action stuff like whipping Quantron ass. Smiling as he remembered the fun of that scene, he heard the scratching of footsteps as shapes appeared out of the darkness. "Scott!" he said. "Bout time!" But the shapes quickly showed Chris something wrong. Putting on his helmet, he quickly stood off the crazed producer and his crew. "Scott...scott, wake up!" Scott only growled and drooled at the Ranger snack in front of him. Executing a front snap kick, Chris sent Scott into the rest of the zombified Saban workers. He ran past them, grabbing the van's keys and hopped in. He quickly drove off, leaving the sounds of death behind him.
Rick Busby's House
"I wonder where Donna is." Rick sighed. She had gone out with her sister and hadn't returned for several hours. Limping to a chair and sitting down, he flipped on WXII news at noon. Rick Amme was on, apparently haggard like he had been up all night. "Reports have been coming in. The dead has been rising and eating the flesh of their victims. I know this sounds funny, but we have had confirmed reports of this." Rick frowned. Nahh...can't be. He heard footsteps outside the house. he grabbed his cane and walked to the window. A powerful blast hit the glass as Rick fell. Donna came through the window and landed on top of him. They struggled, as he flipped over back on to his feet. She advanced on him, white pale skin glowing in the sun. "Donna? Donna don't do this!" She mouthed no words, but her eyes told the tale. Kill me. Part 2