A Star Vs. A Stone Cold
Rick was cussing a blue streak as he worked frantically on the flat tire. He had run over a board which punched what had to be 50 or so holes in it. The moans were getting closer. "Aw shit." He picked up his hardwood cane and took a whack at one of the closer ones. The cane hit next to the ear of the zombie, which took his head off. "Gross." Rick jumped. "Who the hell are you?" "I'm Khayman. Nice hit you did there." Rick nodded. "So, you here to give me a lift?" Chris shook his head. "Just checking to see if your ok. Besides, someone that's hurt could slow me up." Rick growled, and Chris smiled. "Don't worry dude. I was just kidding with you. Hop in."
Nails and Boards and Zombies Oh my!
"Get some more boards up!" Rap shouted. The doors and windows of alt-mmpr and the juice bar. Normally a room of fun and frolic, only chaos reigned in the rooms. A mini ER had been set up , with Michelle (DrMM) providing first aid. "Any bites?" Timo asked. "None so far, Mo." Michelle said. sighing. The night was gonna go long as Rap's celluar phone beeped. "Hello?" "It's Khayman...me and Rick are on our way....be looking for us." "You're lying." "How's that?" "Rick doesn't like celebrities." "Rick doesn't like zombies either." Rap showed a hint of a smile. "True. We'll be on the lookout." A few hours later Rick and Chris showed up with a portable TV in tow. Rap walked up to the two. "Good to see you. We heard on the radio North Carolina has been taken over." "Don't have to hear." Rick said. Rap laughed. "Chris, Katie's here..go see her." He walked off to visit with his friend. "Hows that leg." Rap asked. "hurts like a bitch, that's how." She frowned at him. "You know you could slow us down if we had to move quickly." Rick was getting a little ticked. "You know what the only thing was that slowed me down? A flat tire. So you don't worry about me. Just gimme a shotgun and position me at one of the windows." Rap handed Rick a .357. "Have fun."
The Waiting Game
The zombies began to arrive en masse. First it was one, then three, then many more. Rick sat on the upper balcony of the mmpr building, watching them gather. Katie came walking up the stairs and sat next to him. She sighed, and sat down beside him. Rick smiled. "You know Chris might get jealous." She laughed too. "I'm just bummed out. I should have blown up the sattelite sooner." "What?" "I work at the space company that made the sattelite that blew. the cumquat that was in charge didn't want to destroy it." Rick didn't change expression. "Not your fault. It was the dude who didn't do his job. You did and you should be commended for it." Katie smiled. "I knew you would be able to help me feel better. Rap said you were a straight shooter." A bullet ripped through a zombie's forehead. Rick blew smoke off the barrel and laughed. "Yup, Rap got that right. Page 5