"They're banging at the doors!" Chris Dunn screamed. He wasn't afraid of the zombie attack in the makeshift hospital, cause of the 7 feet of concrete, but he needed to warn everyone. The moans of the zombies and the sounds of the banging began to tear at the nerves of the huddles souls inside. Some had already commited suicide, fearing the wrath of the godless creatures. The front gate collapsed, sending swarms of zombies into the main perimeter of alt-mmpr. "We got company." Rick spat. "They ain't inside the complex, but it probably won't be long now." Rap threw pistols to several. "All able bodies grab your guns. the rest of you retreat to the lower bunkers. NOW!" Khayman sat up. He was still clear headed as the poison had been removed from him. "Rap...you called..for able bodied people?" Rap nodded. "Good to have you." Chris Dunn ran in with Michelle and staff. "We got everyone down. Where do you need us?" "Michelle needs to head to the bunker, Chris, stick around. Here's a gun." Rick raised an eyebrow. "Rap, just where the hell did you get all this hardware?" Rap smiled. "I raided your storage shed while you and I fuffed." The nervous laughter echoed throughout the room. A loud crash drowned them out as a walkie talkie belched. "They've...broken.. through..you guys are unprotected.." the signal went dead. Rap shook her head. Turbo1Ranger died bravely. The sounds of pounding began to tear through the main room of alt. Already holes had begun to appear, as zombies began stepping in. "This is it!" Rick shot one's head off, and hit another . "I'm in no mood tonight to die." Khayman shot three, just as he saw Katie cornered. "Chris, help!" "I'm coming!" He ran and knocked a zombie down, just then, getting bit on the shoulder, leg and throat. Katie ran, just as she saw Chris keep fighting. "Run!" Chris gurgled, and with his last breath, shot another coming to him. Rick grabbed Katie and pushed her to the bunker stairs. "Go!Don't let his sacrifice be in vain!" Crying, she complied and went down into the bunker with DrMM and the others. The zombies still came, en mass, and alt's fighters had dwindled drastically. "These zombies have got to be stopped. No matter what the cost." Rick said. Page 9