"They're getting closer." Timo said, sweat pouring off his face. Rap tried backing off, but they were too much for her. Several tore her arm, literally eating it off, while the others laid her down into a nap of death. "Aw shit." Rick began shooting the zombies. "Fearless leader's history." He looked at Timo. "How many rounds you got?" Timo shook his head. "Not much." "You know, A Fan would really enjoy working a video avi of this." Rick giggled. "Be sure to tell him I send my regards...if we live." Timo didn't get a chance to finish as Rob had dug his fingers into Timo's eyes. Rick broke and ran, the inhuman screams from Timo getting higher pitched as vocal cords were severed, as finally the dismembered head fell silent, silently moving it's mouth. "Get down here!" The shout made Red_Turbo and Rick turn their heads. Katie was beckoning to them. She and Suzi both stood there, pleading for them to go on down in the bunker. "Chris..go on down there." "What about you?" Chris asked, horridly. "I have to get to the main area of the channel. Get a distress call out to whoever can listen. When I get done, I'll be back." Chris frowned. "Your gonna need help." Suzi and Katie picked up rifles. "Damn straight."
The team ran down the corridors, the undead in close proximety. They were so slow, they were easily dodged, but Rick and company didn't take chances. A arm grabbed Suzi. She pushed the zombie off and aimed. "No..." she cried. "Scott...no...no.." The zombie came closer. A shot ripped into Scott's face, making him fall. "No time for sentiment, Sooz." Rick picked her up. "Now let's go!" They got to the main area, but the entry was crawling with flesh eaters. Loading their weapons, the alt crew began to fire, dropping zombies left and right. "Guys." All four turned. Jewel walked up to them, holding her arm. "I thought you were dead." "Stay away from us Jewel." "Now Suzi, is that a way to treat an old freind?" Jewel smiled, and the four gasped as blood dripped from her gore stained teeth. She lunged at Chris, fingers digging into him as she tried to bite. They rolled around on the tiled floor, neither one getting an advantage. Chris reached his gun, but promptly dropped it. "Get her head up!" Rick shouted. He struggled, and found he couldn't hold her. "Get her damn head up!" Rick was horse. Katie snuck her gun in between the two and fired. Jewel fell back, a wound to her chest. "Fire!" Jewel literally exploded. Chris shook Katie's hand. "Thanks." They continued on to the radio room.
Sending the signal
"221 to base HQ. Come in." The radio was chattering. Suzi picked up the comm. "221, this is Base HQ. Base infested, need help immediatly." A long pause, then "Base, message recieved and confirmed. Seek emergency shelter until our arrival. By all means do not open up until we tell you." Suzi grinned. "221, Base confirms, out." Katie smiled too. "We did it!" Rick sighed. "We got to find a way back first."

The Final Battle!