"Just what the hell are we doin here?" Rick asked, looking around. The area was desolate, and known to be crawling with zombies. Chris Lee nodded. "Going for supplies bro, and I feel eyes all over us." Both men dived for cover as a suprisingly still mobile zombie headed for them. He grabbed for a leg and Khayman backflipped over it. Swinging around, he brought his dagger deep into it's head, killing it instantly. "Aw shit." He growled. "What?" "It's stuck...hang tight." He began pulling as Rick kept watch. He began to walk forward, checking what was in the shadows. Rick saw movement as something lept forward and landed on top of him. The Zombie wrestled with him, trying to lean forward for a bite. Rick flipped the zombie off of him and lept up. He did a spin kick, taking it's head clean off. Rick spat, taking a bottle of alchohol from his pocket. Chris raised an eyebrow. "Drinking at a time like this?" Rick broke the bottle over the zombie's decapitated head and lit a match on the dripping booze. It ignited instantly. "Gross, but effective." The two laughed and walked on.

Arrival Of A Friend

"Got the medikits?" Rick asked. Sweat was pouring off his face hearing the moans in the distance. "Almost got it." Chris growled. "Cmon fearless leader....this ain't looking good." Chris fiddled with the locks, trying to open them as the moans got closer. Rick squinted his eyes and saw them. "Ohmyohmy." Chris looked up. "Oh damn." The Zombies began to swarm once more on them until a flash of black began knocking them down. A kick to the head here, a flash of a fist there. Sounds of metal was heard as a blade was drawn, and body parts began to fly. Chris and Rick watched , in literal awe. The two continued their fight against the ones closest to them, taking them down. As fast as it had begun, the battle was over. Rick and Chris stood, breathing heavily, and looking over the mysterious visitor. Rick walked up to the cloaked figure. "Who are you?"

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