The figure slowly removed it's face sheild. Rick gasped with recognition. "Donna?" She smiled. "Doesn't take a rocket scientist to find you. You're usually in the thick of things, taking charge." She reached up and kissed him. He returned the sentiment. "Damn it's been a few days, how you been? Too many zombies?" She sighed. "It's been tough. The attacks never let me tell you the news." Rick raised an eyebrow at the news. "I gave birth to our child a few years back. I know you assumed I was dead, but I went into hiding so I could take care of her." Rick's eyes widened. "Is it....?" Donna smiled. "It's a she and she's doing just fine, no zombie has even come close to biting her." "How's that?" Rick asked. Donna puffed up like a proud mother. "I taught her damn good that's how." She smiled even bigger, then frowned. "Too many zombies out there....We need to get back to where ever your holed up at." "What about our daughter?" Rick asked. "You'll meet FireBird soon enough, now .. let's go."

Back at Alt

"Who's this?" Katie asked, puzzled. "It's my wife, Donna." Rick replied, happily. "Your married?" he nodded yes. "Woah..Cool." Khayman looked nervous as Katie smiled. "It ain't gonna come to that , yet. She giggled as Chris went white. Derik looked up from his radio. "Yuh oh." "That's my line!" bellowed Anycool. Rap switched on a scope. "This isn't good. Zombies are at our front gate." Rick picked up a rifle. "Tiger, Timo, Anycool, comeon." Anycool looked startled. "Why me?" Rick smiled. "I ran out of names that started with a T." They ran to the hidden positions at the front gate. Sure enough, zombies were swarming around it, trying to find weakness. "Switch to night vision." Tiger said. They began to look for where the zombies were at their strongest. "Sonya." Tiger whispered. "Take point." She stealthily moved with the grace of a ninja to the gate. Pulling out her walkie talkie, she keyed the mic. "Damn guys....this gate is not pulling in the electricity." "Backup generator might be out." Rick said. Tiger nodded in agreement. "Camron, what you see?" "I concur with you guys." Camron said. "Sonya, you got permission, but use extreme caution, there's like ten zombies or more around it." Sonya rekeyed the mic. "Gotcha." She slipped out of the gate, and began walking in the shadows to the outdoor barn that contained the generator. It was a silent machine, so she figured there would be no problem getting it going. Sonya quickly picked the lock, and walked inside. Quickly locating the generator, she examined it. Apparently in good shape, the wires looked to be severed somehow. Easy enough, she'd just resplice the wiring togther and we'll be happily on our way. She did just that, taking her electrician tools and splicing them back together. She looked around, job well finished, and raised an eyebrow. Too much moonlight in the room. Ah well. She walked right past it as a fist grabbed her by the hair and tried to drag her out of the building. She looked up, and noticed a jagged piece of wood staring her in the face. Sonya tried to scream, but the zombie's death grip pulled her eye into the huge splinter of wood. She had just mere seconds to scream as the wood penetrated her brain. Her lifeless form dropped the communicator as it shattered.

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