Attack from hell

"Now this is wierd." Rap said. "After a week of silence, they finally start up again. It just doesn't seem right." Timo checked out a window. "Yup, they're getting it on out there alright." Rap began to think. "They're over at the juice bar area. Have we evacuated there yet?" Timo scanned the video monitors for any people there. "Um, no." He looked up, face white as a sheet.


"I'm not digging this banging going on." Jewel said, shuddering. "Where the hell is everyone else Brent? They should be pulling us out soon." Brent chewed on a slim jim. "I don't know, but there's shotguns behind the countertop. Jewel went behind the bar and threw guns to Brent and SailorRanger. Brent ran the situation over in his mind. Four people against a leigon. This is gonna be messy. The doors began creak and strain as the zombies poured their mass up against it. "Dont start shooting till they're in." The door broke. A hand reached in, then the zombies began to come in swarms. "Fire!" Blasts echoed across Juice Bar, striking many of the zombies, but there were too many. Jewel was the first to get nailed, five of them literally pulling her apart. Her mangled form hit the ground, and the mindless beasts began to feed on her. Tre tried to run, but he was pulled behind the bar and the ripping sounds continued. Sailor and Brent backpedaled, trying to fight them off, but three grabbed Sailor, and one bit Brent on the arm. He shot the zombie, then turned to run. A female zombie bit him on the leg, then rose on top of him to take him by the throat. Tears coming down Brent's face, he aimed the gun at his head. He didn't want to, but he also didn't want to be like them. The shot echoed all throughout Alt and The Juice Bar, making people in alt turn their heads.

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