"What the hell?" Several had to turn from the
 monitors as Brent shot his gun. His body hit the
 ground, and Rap cut the feed to Juice Bar. "It's
 official, TJB has been overrun by the zombies."
  "No!" people screamed. "Not Brent!"
 RedTurbo sat his head on the desk, tears coming
freely to his face. He sniffed, then lifted his head.
"So now what do we do?" Rap's face was expressionless.
    "We prepare for the worst."

A plan hatches

Rovang sat behind his welding torch, working on something Katie and Khayman couldn't see. They had arrived into the lab, wanting to kill time and get their minds off the inevitable. "What you got workin?" Katie asked. Rovang only smiled and kept working.

Alt Takeover!

"Alt225, this is Red Dog, come in." Silence. Rap motioned for people to sit at the radio. "Alt225, this is Red Dog, we know your base has people there, so answer the damn horn!" RedTurbo raised his hand. "Why aren't you answering them?" Rick snorted. "That isn't a rescue team. Those are the losers that try to take over alt on a regular basis." Everyone gasped. "So they're gonna try to open the doors?" Shanie asked. Rick nodded and replied. "Not only that. We may be in for a zillion zombies around this place." "Alt225, we would like to inform you that we don't appreciate your holding out on us, so that means you fucked up real bad." The cheers from Red Dog's radio blasted over alt's intercom. "Oh no....this is it. We're all gonna die." Anycool paniced. "We're not dead yet." Rovang proclaimed. "I finished some prototype body armor for five volunteers to try. They'll be our first line of defense against Red Dog." Rap cut Rovang off. "No volunteers. Rick, Katie, Khayman, Donna, and Tiger, your the volunteers." Rovang nodded at the selections. "Ok, you might know what to do with these." He handed the five a set of AstroMorphers. "I know what your thinking, but I modified these to encase each of you in a fabric thin steel suit which the zombies should not be able to pentrate. You should be able to be outside at the perimeter of the hideout and take the Red Dog crew down." The five pressed 3-3-5 on their astromorphers. Sure enough, suits did pop out and encase them. "Alright!" Rick was estatic as he looked at his red suit. "In your face Khayman!" Katie turned and shot him a very melting look. "I was kidding, geez!" They ran out the door, only to be surrounded by zombies. One quickly bit Donna, but the suit held. She turned and gave Rick a thumbs up as they ran for the gate. "Here they come!" screamed Khayman as the trucks barreled in. "Aim for the tires." Guns blazed as tires exploded. The Red Dog crew jumped out and started firing on the five alters. Rick flinched as a bullet grazed his uniform. "Remember, these are zombie proof, not bulletproof!" Just as he said that, a blast took him off of his feet and a gun came to his head. "You are so dead i can't even imagine how to tell you you are." Back at the base, Teri fumed. "We got to help him!" Amanda held her back. "Stay here! There's too many zombies and crazy's out there!" Teri only jerked loose. "I don't care! I have to save my dad!" She ran out to the site, guns blasting at zombies, some coming too close and losing their heads over it. She got to her dad, aiming at the Red Dog leader. "Let him go!" HacKr only laughed. "And what are you gonna give me in his place?" Teri only growled. Her hair flew in the night breeze, giving her a even more hellish look. "I'll make sure you leave alive." Hackr only laughed harder. He tossed Rick off to the side, and emptied his pistol into Teri's body. Her chest exploded into red haze and it seemed like a second before she finally hit the ground.

Death of a Dream

    The alt rangers began firing their weapons as soon
  as Teri dropped, rounds slamming into the vehicles.
  Retreating, Red Dog got into their cars and drove off
  with a hail of bullets to chase them off. Rick
  dropped his rifle and ran to Teri's side.


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