A Daughter's Love

        Rick knelt over Teri. She was bleeding from
    several shots on her torso, as they welled up.
    Teri reached up her hand to Rick's and he
    grasped it. "Why Teri, why!" The tears had
    already begun to come. She smiled. "Because..."
        Teri coughed. "You are my father. And I am damn
    proud to be your daughter." Rick tried to comfort
    her with a smile of his own, but found out he could
    not. He lifted her into a hug, and she whispered with
    a strength that she never knew she had. "I love you,
    Dad, don't ever forget that...or me."
     She went limp. Rick laid her back down, and began
    to cry. After what seemed to be an eternity, he knelt,
    scooped her up gently and began to carry her back to
      Khayman, Katie, Donna and Tiger walked at each
    side of him, watching for zombies. They walked slowly
    to the front gate of Alt, and walked in. The regulars
    were silent as he came in, holding Teri.
        Rick laid her on a medical table and walked off
    by himself to another room. Donna came in , and took
    off her helmet. She lightly grabbed his arm, and
    turned him around. His eyes were red, and he was
    flushed. She grabbed him into an embrace as he
    finally broke. She held him tightly and whispered.
      "It's ok...let it come."

Hours Later...

        Rap pulled Donna aside in the control room. "How
     is he?" she asked. "Anything we can do?" Donna looked
     forlorn but she answered. "I don't know. It broke him
     up pretty bad to see that happen to her." Tears came
     back to Donna's eyes. "He just met her, Rap..now he'll
     never get to be the father he always wanted to be."
        "You'll get through this, I promise. You two will
      be a family again." Rap smiled. "He's always thought
      highly of you and loves you. Just be there for him
      and he'll come around."
        "Your right." Donna said.

Zombie Break In

         Alarms quickly woke up the sleeping alt regulars.
 The hallways had gone dark, and the emergency lights were
 all turned on. Timo jumped out of bed and nearly ran into
 A_Fan in the hallway. "Damnit Fan, can't you see where your
      Fan only frowned. "We got a bad one goin on in the
 control center. Seems like the zombies have finally gotten
 into the complex." Timo gasped. "I've said it all before..
 we're all gonna die." 
        After everyone assembled in the Command Center, Rap
 broke the bad news. "This is the facts. I'm not gonna sugar
 coat them, your gonna get it straight. At 3am this morning
 the zombies somehow found a breach in our walls and now they
 are coming in by the motherload. I'm now declaring an every
 person for themself alert. What this means is no matter what
 get to the hideout we made for just this kind of emergency."
        "And if some of us get bit?" asked Amanda in horror.
    Rap was stonefaced. "Just like first contact. Shoot them
  in the head. Trust me, they'll be better off." The regulars
  and ops headed for the gun storage center, each loading
  weapons that caught their eye.


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