Final Thoughts

      "I'm still scared." Katie said, sitting with
   Khayman, getting set to defend their turf. "We'll
   make it Katie, just you see." he knelt in front of
   her and lifted her head with his hand and smiled
   a cocky goofy grin that was hard not to laugh at.
     "Trust me." She hugged him and laughed. "I love

They're in!

           "They're in the halls!" Timo screamed over
     his intercom. He and A_Fan stood watch, and saw the
     slow moving inhuman shapes walking to them. "Need
     a hand?" Captn Eclipse and Shanie ran up to them
     with guns at ready. "All the help we could get."
        The zombies advanced. Timo started the shootout,
     but for every two zombies dropped, five more would
     take it's place. "Oh hell." Timo was sweating now.
     "This is like deja vu all over again." The thought
     left his mind in an instant when he was snatched by
     zombies. Falling back, Shanie saw Timo twitch as
     the zombies began their grotesque meal.
             "Damnit!" Shanie screamed, "Fire!" They
      emptied their guns into the oncoming crowd, but
      they were soon overrun. Their scream finally
      died down ten minutes later.
           Corridor B wasn't having much luck either.
      Tiger, Rap, and and Chilson were in one hell of
      a firefight. Chilson was the first to fall, a
      zombie taking his throat. Eating at PR's neck,
      the zombie had pushed his head back, and
      Chilson's head came clean off.
             Disgusted, Rap and Tiger fled about one
      hundred feet down the hall, only to be met with
      more zombies. "Aw fuck!" Tiger screamed.
      "We're trapped!" Rap pulled her .45. "No we're not."
      Tiger looked shocked, but he understood. Rap wasn't
      about to let those bastards get her. "Want me to
      take you Tig?" Rap asked. "yeah." Tiger sighed.
      Two gunshots echoed over the hallway.

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