The First Encounter

Suzi sat in her bed at the hospital in California. She was still unhappy with the way things went on the stunt show. Things had gone horribly wrong, killing two of the performers and breaking her leg in three places. True, the doctors worked their miracles and patched her up, but she was still having an aggrivating pain in her leg. Looking around in the dark, she noticed her roommate's bed was empty. That made her raise a brow as she knew that the roomate also had injuries to his legs. The pain intensified and she considered calling a nurse, when she noticed the figure in the dark bending over her.....

And then there were more

Sasheer jumped off the bus, glad her day at school was over. It was the most hottest miserable damn day on record. To top it off, she kept smelling something like dead flesh and it made her sick to her stomach. She picked up the phone and began to call her mom at work, when she heard the sound of footsteps outside. She quickly hung up the phone and ran to the door, then flung it open to see her dad out in the driveway. His throat was gashed open, and still warm blood dripped quietly to the ground. With a slight scream, she closed the door and locked it. Running into a closet, she heard the scratching at the front door. Tears coming down her eyes, she flinched as the sound of the front door breaking filled the room. As she heard the moans of her dad, she crouched down more and waited for her fate.

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