The first scuffle

The clock had just struck 12 midnight when the boards broke silently. A lone hand pried it's way into the doorway, then a arm and body began following. The zombie was still intact, and very mobile for what had happened to it, as it made it's way up the hall stairs. Seeing a door open, it made a quick path into the room. A figure was inside, sleeping on the bed, very peacefully. The zombie bent down and seemed to sniff at the legs of the alt'r. The scream echoed down throughout the house. Rick and Khayman were the first up, running to where they heard the sound. They cleared the doorway and had to take three steps back. The zombie had hovered over Phantom_Ranger's prone form, fingers in his eye sockets, greedily chewing flesh from bone. "Jesus!" Rick turned green from the sick feeling in his stomach. Khayman jacked a round into the gun, and fired a blast into the zombie's head. It quickly dropped to the ground with a moan. They walked into the bedroom and looked at Phantom Ranger's mangled frame. "He's dead, but what do you think? Think he may come back?" Khayman asked. Rick fired three shots into Pr's face, exploding the head all over the room. "Nope. I don't think he will." They shrouded both corpses with sheets, wrapping them up carefully and throwing both outside. "I hate doing that to him, but he pisses me off anyway." Rick said grimly. "You mean that?" Rick sighed and shook his head no. "No, I actually like the big pugnose." They walked back into the house, where the alt regulars were standing. "What was that all about?" Katie demanded. "We had company." Rick said. "A zombie broke through a door." Jaws hit the floor. "We ain't safe here, but we're trapped as well." "How so?" asked Kristen. Rick calmly answered. "They're all over the place. To make matters worse, someone's taken all the gas out of our cars somehow. We can't leave." "I said it before. We're all gonna die." Static said. The entire room glared at him as he held up his hands. "I know i know....Shut up." Rick giggled and patted Static on the back. "Look, we're gonna do our damndest to make it." "I know!" Amanda sat up with a start. "My uncle's helicopter!" Khayman frowned. "How are we gonna get there? Canada's kinda far off."

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