Zombie War

"Come out, who ever you are." Rick was instantly jumped by the man, taking punches to the face. He flipped his attacker off of him, and started kicking him. "You want some of me? You got it!" Katie turned her head, looking at the horrid sight. Rick and the man were fighting, with his daughter shadowed in the background. Pushing the thought from her head, she resumed shooting at the zombies. Rick had picked up a bat and began hammering at the man, but the hacker was too strong, and quickly disarmed him. With a mighty swing, he nailed Rick in the groin, doubling the costumed alt regular over. He hopped on top of Rick, choking him out with the bat. "I don't give a damn if i'm dead, but you're gonna die too." He eased on the bat, but kept the pressure on Rick's shoulder's, keeping him down. Zombies began to crowd around the two, just as the hacker got Rick in a death hug. Teeth began to dig into the hacker's back as chunks of him were ripped off. The regulars turned and watched in shock as the hacker committed his suicide. "Now..." The hacker said, blood welling, "You nex.." The pain began to intensify to him, and he gritted his teeth. A zombie hit bone, and the hacker's pain blinded him to the point of shock. The man died with a wet gurgle, as the zombies began to try to get a Rick. "Guys!" Rick screamed. "Get to the damn truck!" Katie led the charge, blowing away zombies left and right. She pulled the hacker's body off of Rick, and helped him up. Rick ran to the body on the truck and untied it. Teri stood up, and began to walk to him, wordless. She entered the light and Rick's heart broke. Teri's face was a mass of torn flesh and bone, not even looking like the lovely young woman. Rick put a gun to her face. Looking deep into her eyes, she seemed to be pleading for release. "I cant" he sobbed, just as a blast took Teri down. She had grabbed Rick's arm and was about to take a bite of him when Teri went down. He looked around to see the shooter. Donna was in a sharpshooter's stance, gun still at ready. "Let's go!" They jumped into the four by four and slammed the doors..

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