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"Are we going to be alright?" Katie asked. "Everytime this stuff starts up, we lose friends left and right." Chris frowned. "Don't go there." She continued to push. "I can and I will push, Chris you go and risk your life every single time you go out there. Can't you and I just have a decent life?" He shook his head. "And why not?" she said, tears beginning to well in her eyes. "I finally get the man I want to be with and what happens!" She punched him, but the blow would have been more effective if not for her sobbing. He gently picked her up as if to kiss her, but instead he lead her to the window and opened the blind. Two stories down told the tale. Zombies moaned and groaned, walking across the parking lot to the reinforced apartment. Two of them struggled with a mouse in the background, while the bulk of them were scratching at the bricked up doors and windows. She eeped at the sight of ZeoKat amongst them , just as hungry.

"That's why. Everytime any one of us starts trying to have a life, this happens! Rick has tried to get back with Donna, but the same thing is happening with them too as well as the few alter's still around always have to sleep with a gun next to them. We have to kill them all Katie, and not one needs to keep existing!" In frustration Chris walked back to the window and punched the wall. Zombies swarmed near the window he was at.

With a grunt, Katie walked over to him and threw him off balance. Chris caught himself on the rail, but was in instant danger. Katie strolled up and put her face in his. "Then shall I let your life go? Do I need to kill you to get this relationship started? If I do, I'll push, then jump right with you. "

Chris's eye's widened in horror. She had the look of a person who would and can do it. He conceded. "Ok....We'll have a relationship." Quickly she got him back inside and brushed him off. She smiled and kissed him on the nose. "Thank God you chose life." Chris puzzled over her thought. "Why's that?" She leaned close and whispered into his ear. "I was about to let go for real."

A Daughter's Visit
Rick carefully knelt before the grave in the local cemetary. Sure, the trek was a risk, but he was visiting a very special person in his life and heart. He brushed the leaves away from the grave and looked at the inscription. Teri Morgan B. 19-- Died 1998. Wiping away the tears he put the white roses in the cup laying on the stone. "I've come to ask forgiveness." He felt a lump come to his throat. "I know I never got to spend quality time with you as a father to his daughter. I should have been out there with you so you didn't have to die that way...should have done my job as a father."

He couldn't continue talking, the sobs were coming too freely at that point. The tears however dried up quickly when he heard the snap of a branch nearby. He stood, and drew his .45 and saw who it was. "Donna?" She stepped into the light of the moon and smiled. "I knew our daughter would love you. Devotion and honor have always been your strengths. " Rick lowered the gun and his head at the same time.

"I wish she was still here. I always wanted to have a kid." Donna lifted his head and smiled. "You did. Even if it was a little while , you did and never be ashamed. You spent as much time as possible with her and that's what mattered. " She wiped his eyes. "Let's worry about you. I have missed that ugly mug you know." He chuckled and she knew that Rick was cheering up. "Atta boy." she smiled. "You ain't never been too depressed for long. You got a place to stay or have you been Mr. Nomad?"

"I've been on the move ever since the last time." Donna gasped and took his hand. "Well, it's time for a good home cooked meal and a sleep in a good secure bed. That sound good?" Rick nodded. "Good, cause I wasn't gonna take no for an answer anyway. "

More snaps echoed in the bushes. "We need to go. It isn't safe here."

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