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And now, the FULL version of Zordon's Oddessy...The entire version written since 2/24/97.

Zordon's Oddessy : The Special Edition

The Command Center: The Past

The Command Center shook under the explosions set off by Rito
and Goldar. The newly regrown Power Rangers were thrown about with
the heavings. "ALPHA.....TELEPORT THE RANGERS OUT NOW!" Zordon boomed.
He was trying to be brave. He didn't wish to see his friends die with
him. "We won't leave you !" Adam shouted. Billy saw a small fire begin
to appear at a control console next to Alpha. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Billy
dove and knocked Alpha out of the way just as the console erupted,
openening many cuts and bruises. Alpha quickly activated the
teleportation unit. The Rangers disappeared.

"Zordon! I don't know what to do!! Ay-yi-yi!IIIIIIIII!!!....."
Alpha's scream was cut short by a chunk of the roof falling on him.
Zordon sadly looked at Alpha...he knew the robot wasn't really "alive"
, but he loved the little being. Zordon grimly looked at the carnage
and awaited death. "At least the Rangers will not share the same
fate" he thought...as the room was engulfed in a white light.
The Command Center exploded in a brilliance never before seen
as the Rangers landed in a clearing just out of the explosion's reach.
"BILLY!" Kat screamed, looking at Billy's prone form lying on the ground.
Billy sat up, in shock. " No...please dear God....."
Tommy could only shake his head, looking at the charred shell of
the fortress. "Do you think someone could have survived that?" Adam
asked forlornly. "I don't think so..." Tommy groaned with the ache of
losing a friend.
He and Zordon had talked about a dream he had experienced
with the Center being attacked by a being called Ivan Ooze and almost
killing him. Zordon shook it off, dismissing it as just a dream.
Tommy wondered if Zordon had knew that the Command Center would one
day fall.
"What are we gonna do?" Kat moaned, nursing a cut on her arm.
"Dunno..Tommy said,"But it looks like the end of the power rangers."
They all stood, heads bowed in deep respect for their fallen leader.
On the moon, Lord Zedd was rolling on the floor in glee. His
wife, Rita looked at him with a frown. "Why the celebration hubby?"
Zedd could barely contain himself. "The Command Center looked like a
fourth of july parade! HAHAH....." He looked down at earth. "What ..."
He slammed a fist on the rail of the room. "NO! They were supposed to
go with the Command Center! " Rita smiled. "Relax. We have the Zeo
Crystal. Without their beloved leader, they don't have the technology
to call the Alien Rangers, and they can't even teleport!" Zedd's mood
quickly became jovial again. "YYEEEES!"
At the Command Center, a lone figure combed the wreckage. He
flipped out a phone and called a number. "Jason Scott, please." He
picked up a piece of the Viewing Globe and examined. "Jason...it's
Rick. I have some bad news." Jason's voice was tinny but distinct.
" What is it? Rick sighed. "Your friend, Zordon....he's ..." Jason's

shock was clear. "What? What happened?"
"Looks like an implosion device." Rick said. "and Power Rangers
have scattered."
"Do you think you can restore the Morphin Grid? " Jason asked.
"I might.....It's gonna be very hard. I'll contact you when I have
"Great. I'll call Trini, Zack and Kim....maybe we can get the team
back together." Jason said.
Rick picked up a control panel and hooked in his PowerPortaPack
to it. Bringing the computer online, he quickly ran a diagnostic test.
He smiled. The computer was damaged, but it was repairable...the
housing was the only major damage. Satisfied , he began to look
around. He came across a hand sticking out of the rubble.
"Oh, Alpha...." He breathed.
He sat the robot up and checked Alpha V out. He fiddled with the
wires, and sparks flew from what would be Alpha's nose. "ayy---yi--yi.
"Alpha...it's Rick...can you hear me..." Rick seemed pained.
The little robot was in bad shape....clearly he needed reworking.
"Rriiickkkk.....Hellpppp...me.." Alpha stammered.
"Hang tight buddy." Rick messed with some circuit boards and set up a new configuration.
"I am...feeling much better." Alpha said." I think I can stand up."
Alpha stood shakily. "Ay-yi-yi" He looked at Zordon's time warp core. It was shattered.
"No..." .Rick and Alpha walked up to the base. Zordon laid in a bed of crystals. "Tommy
had had a dream about this..." Alpha said. " But we saved him in time." Rick set his jaw.
"We still might have a chance. Alpha, run a check of how much power we have left."
Alpha worked some controls. "I can create a stasis field around Zordon. It may be able to
keep him alive a while longer."
"I have an idea to save him. But first, we have to recreate the Morphin Grid."
" Ok...do you remember the plasma energy that was stored underneath in a hidden cache?"
"AY-YI-YI! You're right! We stored that a long time ago just in case of an emergency!"
"Alright. Begin working up a connection to that. I'll begin to hook in a stasis field to Zordon."
As Rick walked up to Zordon, his eyes opened, and looked straight into Rick's face. "Merrrge...
a human....with Zyu technology....and I can be avenged..." Rick shook his head. "No Zordon...get your rest."
Zordon shuddered. "Zeo....crystal...need..alien...rann..."
"Zordon , get your rest, please...I'm gonna try to get things fixed."
The hours passed as Rick fitted a console into a slot. It hummed into life as lights blinked on it..
He nodded his head as he looked at the plasma hookup he had just installed. The computer beeped and spit
out a printout. Rick took the sheet and read the diagnostics. He smiled .
"Great." smile growing bigger, " The computer is back online...we have limited teleportation and communicaton
abilities. The only problem for now is all the damage to Command Center's structure. We have to keep the computers
safe. But for now it looks good though. "
"Ay-yi-yi!" Alpha said. His chassis had taken on a new lustrous look from the polish.
"And the repairs on me have be morphinominal!"
On the moon, things were less celebratory. Zedd was listening to a Rita Fit. "NO!"
Rita screamed. " That puke is helping the Rangers again!"
"Oh, give it a rest!" Zedd muttered.
" Why should I?" Rita blasted, " He helped save Kim from Tortura's grasp and got the team back to full strength!" Rick had
saved Kimberly from Lord Zedd's horrible torture monster, and got the team reunited to defeat Tortura.
"Cause I have a plan." Zedd said.
"Oh yeah, I forgot...make a monster."
"Exactly" Zedd said. "Cyclopsis is gonna return...but your son Kai is gonna be his pilot, and not that bumbler Goldar."
The two laughed evilly.

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